Monday, 27 April 2009

Heart of Darkness

At the heart of the moral darkness which is the New Labour government, sits a creature - can one really call him a man? He hides in the darkness, and much of it emanates from him. His intimate associates have been revealed as hypocrites and liars who pose as good whilst doing evil. 'Like master, like man'. Organisations come to display the characteristics of those who run them. He can't bring himself to make a straightforward apology. He 'accepts full responsibility', but someone else resigns. His cronies drip poisonous slime on the families of those he hates. He is a creature perverted and degraded by his lust for power, although it's exercise corrodes his physical appearance almost as much as his moral being. His weird twitches and manic smiling accompanying emotionally inappropriate circumstances, publicised by his own bizarre video, make him a butt of public contempt. He is not a very competent ruler, yet he clings fiercely to power, even as it slips away from him. It is his Precious. Yes; it's Gordon 'Gollum' Brown.

If 'the evil that men do lives after them', there will be much by which to remember this New Labour crew after they've been ejected from political office at the next election, still hissing their venom as they slither into media and public sector positions, from which to plot their return, comforted by their ill-gotten gains of expenses and supplementary residences financed by the taxpayer.

They've perverted the electoral system. Not only is there a substantial Labour bias in the constituency boundaries, they've imported millions of Third World trash and allowed them to vote in British elections, and subsidised and advanced them at the expense of the natives. They are strongly suspected to use postal voting fraud to retain control of many seats. They even do it in their internal Labour party elections. It's recently been revealed that a ballot box was broken and votes destroyed in a selection contest for Labour candidate in a London constituency, where efforts were made to have a well connected young woman 'parachuted' into the seat; and Mrs Mills (a.k.a Tessa Jowell), whose husband is in jail in Italy for corruption, is said to have hinted that public money which her department controls could be spent locally if people voted the right way.

They've inverted justice. Criminals are treated better than decent people. The crime statistics are faked. The excellent police blogger Nightjack, who has just been awarded the Orwell prize, reports in 'A Survival Guide for Decent Folk', that it is necessary to behave as hardened criminals in order to have any chance in our corrupted system of justice.

They've turned education into the promotion of ignorance and viciousness. All discipline and order is denigrated, throughout society as well as in education. They're bringing to an end the era in which education was the means of social and intellectual advancement for bright but poor children. Now it's becoming political connections that open the route to a good job.

Whilst the economy crumbles, the government continues to create wasteful employment in the public sector. Apparently, private sector employees now contribute more towards the pensions of public employees than towards their own. In fact, Labour just steals money from decent people and wastes it in bribing their semi-human supporters. Another excellent blog, Burning Our Money, in the post Buying Votes shows statistically that ''regions that elect a lot of Labour MPs can expect to be rewarded with a bigger dollop of public spending. ''

This evil vermin replaces religion with 'political correctness,' which is intended to degrade rather than to uplift, and render humanity as sub-human slaves to the hidden Caesars of the world. Some of it's sources are touched upon at the Smoking Mirrors blog post 'Political Correctness in the Court of Byzantium.'

They're New Labour. Naturally they're evil, degraded and corrupt. They're always prating of democracy, but it's communism they really mean. Many of their political leaders are 'ex'-communists. Remember how those regimes claimed to be Democratic Republics. I remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, two decades ago. I knew someone who predicted that freedom would increase for the people who had been behind the Iron Curtain, but diminish for those in the West until it becomes worse in the West than it had been in the East. That is happening.

This New Labour filth preach about helping the poor, but they impoverish real people and enrich themselves and strive to keep as many as possible in dependency to a depraved and corrupted state. Notice how things go together. Their evil nature causes them to corrupt everything they touch, culture, art, morality, national and individual identity, social, economic and political institutions; all in decline under their malign influence. They've made so many aspects of evil legal, that it's not really a surprise to find ministers who think 'troughing' is acceptable because it's 'within the rules', or find sleazy sodomites at the centre of government when sodomy has been glorified, or find that greedy bankers have stolen the economy when usury and financial manipulation was so highly regarded. Vice is rewarded. Virtue is punished. Competence is scorned, stupidity and ignorance exalted.

It's not just the politicians and 'apparatchiks'. Their voters are also vile. They rely on the support of the dregs of the population; obese maggots, feeding on the substance of the remaining useful people; the coarsest, crudest, most brutish, selfish, ignorant, deliberately uneducated and uncouth underclass beneath civility and civilization. All maintained and even employed by the state, whose function has been perverted from defence of the realm to maximising the number of Labour voters. It's an Orc factory.

All public institutions have been corrupted. The great Victorian achievement of a non-political, honest, competent civil service has been undermined. Now top civil servants can lie to the police to support the arrest of an opposition MP who exposed the incompetence of their department - and get away with it! Political advisers and liars, like the evil 'McPoison', who was so close to Brown, are employed as civil servants, but obviously not not held to the code of impartiality. The nature of government in Britain is changing, reverting from the staid Victorian notion of well documented Cabinet government, answerable to Parliament; through the undocumented 'sofa government' of King Tony, towards the intrigue and favouritism of a Royal Court. The Court of King Gordon is starting to look quite like that of James I, another very queer and vicious ruler from Scotland who surrounded himself with venal catamites who made fortunes by dubious means.

It's dangerous for rulers who rely on 'Bread and Circuses' to run short of money. Hence the desperate efforts to tax more heavily in a declining economy, and borrow more money than all the governments of times past put together, and eventually to use 'quantitative easing' as a euphemism for roaring inflation. (It's inflation which wipes out public debt.) All in the cause of employing and bribing their supporters. Wasn't it the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, whose legacy of political wisdom to his sons, as he lay dying at York in the year 211 A.D., was, 'enrich the soldiers; despise the rest'? It's the underclass and state employees who are the soldiers of New Labour, always greedy for donatives at the expense of the public, and encouraged in their demands by seeing what their politicians manage to trough.

If this economic 'Brownturn' becomes a serious depression, the whole Welfare State may turn into a Potemkin Village; which will mightily anger not only the Labour voting dregs, but also the naive and more decent people who believed that they would be looked after in old age, and their health and accommodation and their children's education assured by the state. Alas, it may not be just a cyclical downturn, but a structural shift in wealth and power to the East, leaving the 'West' to decline into African levels of poverty, corruption and irrelevance - but without the strong family networks which enable people to survive in such circumstances, because our evil socialist rulers are destroying the family and trying to substitute the state for it.

Already there's been an inversion of the purpose of public social expenditure, from helping the old poor and sick of the native population - the 'deserving poor'; to giving preference to riff-raff, encouraging third world immigration and advancement at the expense of the natives, their culture and identity. Whenever there's money to spare it is wasted on the wrong people and destructive state employment; whenever money is scarce it is still wasted on trash and vermin, such as overpaid council bureaucrats, but services of cultural and recreational value such as libraries and parks are cut in favour of asylum seekers, drug addicts and other Labour-voting vermin.

The other politicians are not much better. Previously the merger of interests between large corporations and the state was known as Fascism. That's become a term of mindless lefty abuse, whilst their government revelled in Public-Private-Partnerships and Private-Finance-Initiatives. There's been a merger between politicians, bureaucrats, media and business, in which a superior 'Political Class' lords it over the public. They have more in common with each other than with those they rule. The journalist Peter Oborne has written about this in his books The Triumph of the Political Class and The Rise of Political Lying.

It's all a far cry from a worthwhile Britain, and that's mostly because the country is run by and for the wrong people. It's impossible to change this by normal means. Humpty Dumpty really is broken and can't be repaired. It's all going down to ruin. Already the distant hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen may be heard in the stories of new diseases, and of disturbances to the food supply, as well as the unfurling financial, economic and social collapse. Who do the Horsemen truly serve? After our death, and the destruction of this increasingly rotten society, what may arise in it's place?

Cast a cold eye,

On life, on death.

Horseman, pass by!

That was the epitaph of the poet Yeats, that he chose for his tombstone.

It may be hoped that it will be a sturdier society of native Britons, untainted by socialism, political correctness, multi-culturalism or any of the currently dominant insanities, which if at all may be remembered only as curses from a time of madness.


  1. An extraordinarily comprehensive round up of everything I have been trying to say this year.