Monday, 23 February 2009

Forging a Ring

Last night I happened to see a television programme about Christianity. Naturally, given the proclivities of our media, it was presented by an atheist scientist gleefully gloating over the replacement of Christianity by Scientism as the effective established religion of the chattering classes.

It's been noted that successful religions tend to demonise their predecessors, and this programme about the Enlightenment period of the 17-19th centuries, gave a banal glorification of those saints of science, Galileo, Harvey and Darwin - almost a new trinity. Indeed, following the example of Pope Gregory, who ordered Augustine's mission to England to take over the practices and places of worship of the previous religion, merely re-naming them, so that the populace would become more readily accustomed to the new management; some of the programme was even set in a church, and church music was played as background to the scene at CERN, (the large hadron collider in Switzerland), described as a cathedral of science.

The choice of Christians to be fed to the lions of media mockery, was of course fully in accord with the tenets of political correctness. Although the most vibrant sector of Christianity appears to be amongst the blacks, we were not shown any of them. That's perhaps a little disappointing, even discriminatory, in a country where the second highest dignitary next to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in what is technically still supposed to be the established church of England, the Archbishop of York - is a black imported from Uganda.

Not so long ago, amongst evangelical sects popular with blacks, it was reported that some of the more superstitious had taken to beating and killing children who were suspected to be witches. Material there, one might suppose, for the rational and materialistic to investigate. One might even suppose that keen rationalists could be interested in the mentality of the blacks who, only a few years ago, transported children from West Africa to London to be murdered so that some of their body parts could be used in black magical procedures to benefit those who could pay for them. Hmm, pre- Christian practices still surviving or reviving, or possibly naive Christians confused about the Real Presence?

Ah, but no ... the doctrines of political correctness require blacks to be regarded as holy people - although less so than those who claim a patent on the term. Consequently the selected lamb had to be white, and turned out to be American; presumably one of those least affected by the Obamessiah whose utterance of the great mantra, 'Change', caused all liberal media hearts to flutter; even if so far it's proved a less creative word than the traditional 'Fiat Lux '. Should he turn out to be a failed messiah, who disappoints the expectations of his followers, will he, I wonder, become known as the Obamination of Desolation?

America, we were told in tones of hushed incredulity, is a place where a third of the population still takes the Bible literally, and prefers the creation account of Genesis to that of the Great Prophet Darwin (PBUH). Perhaps not incidentally, it's also a place that's still a lot more pleasant to visit on an expenses paid trip than, say, Libreville, Liberia, Lagos or London.

The unrepresentative representative of Christianity turned out to be an astrophysicist who believes that dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time as humans. This scientific solecism so shocked the programme makers, who had arranged for the interview to take place in a garden which has models of dinosaurs interspersed among the trees, that the camera lingered on several white women wearing long dresses and bonnets, as if to show us how old fashioned are these Americans. Literal mindedness all round. Well, they showed that 'single vision and Newton's sleep' may have more than one dream.

The next foreign trip took us to Rome. It's a fair bet than our intrepid scientists and media folk won't be planning a trip to Riyadh for a programme on Islam and Science. They're not crazy. Heads might roll. Rome is a lovely destination. It was pleasant to see the statue to Giordano Bruno, burned as a heretic in the Piazza Navona in the year 1600, and sit in it's shade quaffing a cooling beverage while listening to a local academic. It's also very safe since the Inquisition was packed away in a cellar of the Vatican. Bruno was a useful stick with which to beat Christianity, but he was quickly dismissed as too much of a mystic and insufficiently scientific. Similarly with Harvey. No time for poetic imagery; facts only please.

After a full and frank confession by a Catholic priest that he believed firmly in the dating system of Science, and abjured the errors of the past, it was time to visit the museum showing the Inquisition's implements of torture. This was full of facts, very scientific. The scientist was impressed by their documentation and methodology, almost at home as he stroked the manacles and showed how the iron clamps worked.

Having established the correct atmosphere, we were taken to Switzerland and escorted through the cathedral of science. A Revered Scientist told us he does not altogether exclude the possibility of a deity, but for him it is not a working hypothesis.The building looks ugly, a grimly rectangular entrance, guarding access to the working dungeons below. Vast expenditure, scant results, ugly environment, pompous jobsworths - you know it's a government project!

It's built like a prison, and that's what it is. It's designed to imprison sub atomic particles in a narrow ring, using very strong magnets, and accelerate them in opposite directions, observing and speculating about the results of the collisions.

It has one feature similar to something found in many cathedrals. They have beautiful high Rose Windows bringing light into a sacred space. This excludes daylight from an infernal space, but has a low circle of several layers of what look like metal bricks around the central ring. They're probably magnets. The visit to the torture implements of the Inquisition starts to seem like a preparation for visiting this place. Those circular manacles and clamps, made to fit the human body, look like precursors of this shackle intended for the body of nature. They were made of iron, and iron is famous for its magnetic property. It is magnetism that prevents the particles escaping from the ring, which holds them as effectively as iron holds a physical prisoner. No wonder the scientist seemed so fascinated with the implements of torture; he's the spiritual successor of the Inquisitors.

It's of a piece with the Enlightenment motif. Sir Francis Bacon, father of the New Philosophy, or science as we now call it, wrote that Nature was reluctant to yield her secrets and so had to be 'interrogated with power' - tortured. That was not just a fanciful metaphor as it seems today; in the early 17th century the belief still lingered that there is a living spiritual presence in nature. Anima Mundi was less wishy washy than the modern Gaia. Some have dared to equate her with the Virgin Mary, but that might have earned them the attention of the Inquisition, or of Protestant heretic burners. There are scientists today who speak of observer participation influencing events, and there have been strange people like Schauberger or Keeley,who sought to co-operate with nature instead of coercing it. Latter day alchemists, whose own abilities seemed to enable events that others could not replicate - very scandalous to the religion of Scientism, which still dominates the intelligentsia.

Confessions under torture, we know what they're worth. Obsession with facts and denial of meaning. Knowledge limited to the service of wealth and power. That's the dark side of Science. It's also the dark side of Religion. And of the State. The Inquisitor and the Scientist are one.

It's rather like The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien had wisdom. Saruman the White pursues knowledge. At first he is on good terms with Nature, then he falls under the dominion of the great Eye ('I', or Ego) and misuses his knowledge to pervert the forces of life into means of achieving personal power and domination of both society and nature. The Scientist is a servant of Saruman, who is a servant of Sauron the spiritual force of evil, who has forged the rings by which all life and consciousness is to be controlled. It doesn't have to be that way.

What do we find the scientists doing in their underground cathedral of science? They're trying to forge a ring! It's not the One Ring, it's not even one of the great rings, they don't have the spiritual depth for that, but it compels a lot of human attention and resources and directs them to a sinister implement for torturing nature, apparently merely because they think they can. The Manhattan Project was a precedent, we know what that spawned, and that they still went ahead with the first test, despite not being quite sure that it would not unleash an unstoppable chain reaction which would destroy the world. They don't believe in anything but physical facts and their own egos. They can't imagine a spiritual force manipulating their egos. For many, it may be their 'Precious'. This may not be the last stage. The Ring, or the Power behind it, may have a stronger will to which our foolish scientists and greedy rulers succumb. Some may become Ringwraiths, Nazguls of Science.

This is quite a step from the banal television programme with which we started. The Shire was a long way from Mordor. It's interesting to see where a religious, symbolic and mythological consideration of Science masquerading as Religion might take us.With apologies to Tacitus, one may say that they make a desolation, and call it science!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Pork with Style

Our unbeloved Home Secretary is certainly not the first or only British politician to be caught with her snout in the trough. It's just been revealed, for instance, that our Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has benefited similarly, doing up his expensive Scottish residence whilst living in a London flat with a political pal who turned out to be one of those sleazy influence peddling Labour Lords.

What is it that makes these people not only sanctimonious self-righteous scolds, but corrupt in such a dreary, grey, bureaucratic box-ticking, petty minded style? Things, including 'troughing' and corruption, used to be done with flair and grandeur. At least some of the money was spent on magnificent architecture and the best art money could buy, as well as providing patronage to scholars and artists and employment for the numerous servants required to run a palatial aristocratic house and estate. These stately homes are now an important part of the tourist industry, and the 'heritage' of the nation!

People with access to such opportunities were expected to have some culture, even if it was not bred but bought rather hastily after the acquisition of the wealth and status it was to embellish. Renaissance lords were expected, not only to pay for the art and architecture, but to have sufficient taste, discrimination and knowledge to keep their artists up to the mark. What a contrast with the modern manner, where prizes for modern art have been won by apes, where Caliban rules over Prospero and Ariel, where discrimination, taste and knowledge are swearwords, and high offices are usurped by those who would have been petty rogues and rough servants in a more civilised era. The world is indeed turned upside down.

There's also a contrast in sheer ability. It is rumoured that the Home Secretary is regarded, by her senior civil servants, as a lightweight ignoramus quite unfitted to her responsibilities. Our Foreign Secretary, bestrides the world not as a colossus, but more like a gibbering banana waving monkey! Our derided and deluded leader, far from appearing as the Saviour of the World that he imagines himself to be, is disliked and mocked by the leaders of other countries. By contrast, Walpole, although notoriously corrupt, was a very shrewd and successful Prime Minister.

We can't overlook the example of the most famously corrupt and flamboyant first minister, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who also rose from humble origins. To be fair, there were no pettifogging rules in those days to limit what an office holder could make from his office, and it was expected that even the most honest would profit substantially. Outdoing the king himself in pride and magnificence of display, however, turned out to be a 'career limiting move'. Despite his acknowledged great administrative and political ability, it was his inability to lose the king his wife which caused the minister to lose first his 'London' house and then his head.

Hampton Court Palace is certainly an extreme contrast with the poky suburban dwelling of the Home Secretary's sister, and an entourage of only two men at arms would not have impressed anyone in Wolsey's world. In our world it may seem excessive, an exercise in egotism, since if one mediocre politician was killed a dozen similar could replace her immediately. Sensible terrorists, wishing Britain harm, would not attack such people, seeing the politicians are doing far more damage to the country than any terrorists could hope to achieve.

In our world, the Home Secretary is said to have been a cookery teacher at a junior school. This is a modest job, potentially useful, probably within her ability. Had she stuck to it, the world would be a better place. In Wolsey's world she might also have had a useful place, not among the great of the land, but as a junior cook, at Hampton Court, contributing to the diners enjoyment of magnificent feasts.

In a different world she could still contribute usefully to a magnificent feast. The cannibals of the South Seas used to call their victims Long Pigs, as the flavour of human flesh was said to be akin to pork. Now there's a use for our porcine politicians. The Ravens would like a share.

Miss Piggy and the Kali Yuga

Some people with an irreverent attitude to our porcine Home Secretary, liken her to a TV cartoon character named Miss Piggy.

This is sharply amusing, and triply appropriate, given her omnivorous greed; reflected both in her personal appearance, which has otherwise earned her the sobriquet of Five Bellies; and her disposition to 'pig-out' or grub for every financial advantage to be gained by MP's and ministers under their self-servingly lax rules; recently revealed to the disgust and annoyance of the public. Although a married woman, she is continually referred to as Miss, being apparently one of the flock of crazed feminist Bacchant harpies, screechingly engaged in the destruction of family life, and social mores.

Actually,her sour disposition and scowling visage tend to create sympathy for the cheerful cartoon character and the useful animals with whom she is compared. There's also a sinister resonance with Animal Farm, as in true Stalinist New Labour style, she is one of our rulers, hypocritically pursuing their own comfort and advantage under the pretence of public service, and twisting language to help them deceive the public.

Other blogs have recently commented on the debasement of language by our current rulers, and it is characteristic of political correctness and Communism, and the shadowy power behind both. The Bible refers to a Father of Lies, as did the Zoroastrians, and indeed the motto of the Mossad, using a quotation from Deuteronomy, proclaims that by deception shalt thou wage war.

Our ruling filth, whenever some of its roguery is revealed, whines self-righteously that no rules or administrative procedures were transgressed, and they somehow deserve all they can get at the expense of the public. Alas, that the public is unable to give them even a small portion of their just desserts. Perhaps, if there is anything in the notion of re-incarnation and karma, they will be re-born, not as useful, cheerful pigs, but among those who give a bad name to pigs, or as plague bacilli; or even as wretched people who endure a particularly miserable life and painful death, considering that it used to be a common belief - and still is in the East - that such circumstances were a means of compensating for evil done in previous lives.

Of course, there's long been a belief that time brings moral deterioration to the mass of humanity, and not the 'progress' that is optimistically asserted by glibly affluent moderns. This is seen, for instance in Hesiod's scheme of metallic ages, in the Biblical image of the man representing empires from gold to clay, and the Hindu belief in ages dominated by successively lower castes and moralities. It is easy to suppose that our current rulers, and the type of people favoured by the media and lefty intellectuals, with the perverted culture that produces them, and that they worsen; provide evidence that we are now in the last and lowest portion of the cycle, the Kali Yuga; when the coarsest common man, rather than the spiritual or noble, or even the rich, is lauded, and the most materialistic, ignorant, vicious, depraved and criminal elements rise to the top. This phase may last for several millenia, although it is the shortest part of the cycle.

There has been a recent media fuss about children having children, all at taxpayers expense, and hereditary dynasties of loutish uncouth Labour voting people who have never worked or done anything useful, but are given more comfortable circumstances than can be afforded by many of those who have been taxed to pay for them. These are the core voters upon whom Labour rely, and whose administration provides jobs for the apparatchiks and Guardianistas, at the expense of decent people, and this moral and intellectual degeneracy and socio-political thralldom is the condition to which they are working to degrade everyone. Already many of the vermin who fill the offices of state really can't tolerate anyone who is or aspires to be anything better.

They are like Tolkien's Orcs, created from tortured Elves and bred inhumanely in darkness and foulness. Like Saruman, their leaders may pretend to be religious, and even holy, yet they serve Sauron. Don't forget that Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings to create a mythology for England.

This suggests that the Kali Yuga is well advanced, but has probably not yet reached its depth, when life expectancy will be very low - hence children having children, and living circumstances and culture will be very low - but that's the way our progressive leaders are taking us. That some people recognise and protest this shows they have not entirely succeeded. Rearguard actions and rallies in the long retreat are possible, and the evil are not always efficient. There may be unexpected developments, as the times become more 'interesting', and the Ravens may have more to observe and report.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

There's been a great fall. Not just Lucifer's; ours.

The politicians told us that Britain is a broken society. That was years before the economy started to fall off the graphs of share prices, the banks exploded like burst balloons and productive businesses shed jobs as fast as their sales orders disappeared. The remedy of our ruling and chattering classes is more of the state intervention which is a symptom of the problem rather than a cure.

Did Humpty fall, or was he pushed? Might he even have jumped? Will the TV detectives, mainly financial and political, find the right culprit? Will those in the public eye manage to evade blame? Will scapegoats be identified, to bear the brunt of public anger? Will the greedy and mendacious Masters of the Universe retire quietly with their ill-gotten gains? That last appears likely. It won't end neatly, with time for tea before the next scheduled programme appears, whilst you sit back and enjoy it. This reality show appears on your TV. but you may have to participate in it, and you may not enjoy it.

It's been amusing to notice how the media have minimised each stage of the economic decline, remaining firmly behind the actual level, and refusing to consider the possible further extent of the problem. Hardly surprising, considering their background, fawning relation to both powerful business interests and the politically correct and morally depraved leftist filth who control the public mind. They've now admitted we're in a depression; so it'll be worse.

Has the fall finished? Will things soon get better, so this episode of unpleasantness can be forgotten in the resumed hurly-burly of 'getting and spending'? Perhaps not.

There's much worse to come if you can believe the predictions of George Ure's Urban Survival site at
His news for 12th February 2009 includes the following:

If you Think It's Been Bad So Far...

You ain't seen nothing least that's what a number of data points seem to be suggesting. This could be the beginning of the 'perfect storm' in economic terms. Some of the points I'm watching and pondering:


My attorney called yesterday to advise me that US banks were leveraged something like 83%, which is why we are having such a mess of things. Canadian banks, if I followed his logic, were only leveraged to about 78%, which is why people in Canada are not screaming bloody murder about sailing off the edge of the financial world. But in Europe - and this is a scary thing to think about, the leverage was on the order of the UK's 96%, which means that when Europe starts to collapse, it's going down big-time. We're already seeing the story's leading edge with headlines like "European banks' toxic debts risk overwhelming EU governments."
He's picking up the financial press on this, but it fits the pattern he's been predicting for a long time. Note that this is not from a mystic seer, nor someone predicting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but from someone who has studied the patterns of financial and economic statistics for a long time, and considered social trends, to conclude that massive economic and social collapse is quite likely, in the near future. You may not place much credence in his associates 'ricketty time machine', using shifts in the emotional content of language used in discussion groups on the internet to predict likely future events, - but they predicted the top of the stock market in America, within a day.

Another straw in the wind blows from the direction of James Kunstler's site at He has long been predicting that the declining output of oil, combined with growing demand from the rising economic powers of Asia, would force an end to what he calls the Era of Happy Motoring, and it's associated urban sprawl.

These are people who seem able to see further than most, certainly better prognosticators than Gordon the Saviour of the World, or the Obamessiah, or any of their court jesters.

As for economists; to whom many politicians turn in times of uncertainty,to read the runes or tealeaves; they're mostly eager to issue the expected soothing statements and encourage their master's continuing follies. The most competent and honest sect of economists, and hence the least regarded, is the Austrian School. They emphasise that a problem caused by government's over expansion of the money supply and ensuing profligacy, is not to be cured by even more of the same on a more gigantic scale. The Ludwig von Mises Institute at is their main bastion.

All the king's horses, and all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

All the pompous commentators and cunning advisors to unclad Emperors, will have no more success. As things fall further apart, the Ravens will be fed.

Friday, 6 February 2009


Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven.
That's not the sort of headline you expect to see in our politically correct media, but there it is, on a story at Time, dated 14th February 2008, by Alex Perry.,8599,1713275,00.html Noting the date, someone may have a sense of humour - something else, besides truth, that's politically incorrect. It's a story about the failure of economic development in the Congo.

"We should just give it all back to the whites," the riverboat captain says. "Even if you go 1,000 kilometers down this river, you won't see a single sign of development. When the whites left, we didn't just stay where we were. We went backwards."

"On this river, all that you see — the buildings, the boats — only whites did that. After the whites left, the Congolese did not work. We did not know how to. For the past 50 years, we've just declined." He pauses. "They took this country by force," he says, with more than a touch of admiration. "If they came back, this time we'd give them the country for free."

Thanks, but 'no thanks'. It's difficult to imagine many whites being willing or able to take up that burden again, or even being able to stop grovelling to the crazies who find the word 'golliwog' worse that any foul language, and justification for extreme execration and punishment. Africa will just have to continue rotting until the Chinese get around to absorbing it. They're busy with Tibet at the moment.

In the present circumstances it is very difficult to imagine any such change...and yet, circumstances do change, sometimes rapidly and dramatically...though you'd need to be a Prophet to predict that much of a change. The Prophet Nicolaas van Rensburg predicted it.

Not many people outside South Africa have heard of the Afrikaans prophet or seer, Siener van Rensburg. In South Africa he was famous up to his death in 1926. His predictions assisted Boer forces in the Anglo-Boer War. He was jailed for participation in a rebellion against South African participation on the Allied side in the First World War. He was ardently devoted to the cause of his people, hostile to British rule and friendly towards Germany. Some predictions attributed to him are amazingly prescient. Some Afrikaner's still have faith in him. He predicted that after much suffering under black rule, the Boere would regain control of South Africa, assisted by a resurgent Germany, and even extend their control over Africa up to the equator. Oh yes, he predicted that England would lose all its colonies and be destroyed. So far, so crazy, one might think.

Here's a summary of his life and predictions.

Here's a free book about his life and prophesies.

The thing I find strange is that someone who died in 1926 would have been able to predict massive black emigration to Britain and Europe, and its concomitant decadence and disease, and see this as a major factor in the destruction of Britain.

He was no modern man, but a man of the past, the distant past. His powerful presence, and the awe and devotion and controversy he inspired, make him seem like an Israelite prophet, or a druid. Deeply religious, he apparently literally never read anything but the Bible, and his mysterious visions were noted in a couple of exercise books by his daughter. He seems a bit like the legendary Merlin, but one who never found a successful Arthur, and whose people attained their Camelot only a generation after his death. Such men have a hold on the soul of their people, and it is easy to see why the Romans were so determined to stamp out the druids, why the Biblical Kings of Israel had such an uneasy relation with the prophets of their people - and why Smuts suppressed mention of van Rensburg and his writings during the Second World War when a faction of Afrikaners rebelled in support of Germany.

The timing and interpretation of many of these prophecies is of course unclear; but it is disturbing in the light of the present economic situation, that he predicted that England and America would become full of debt, and bankrupt.

It's certainly not reassuring to notice that he foresaw further massive immigration of blacks into Britain, and racial conflict, and that this was likely to precede a war with Russia, which left Britain destroyed, and no longer even occupying a place at the diplomatic table of Europe; which will be headed by a revived Germany, not disposed to sympathy towards Britain.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Change and decay...

As the old hymn has it, Change and decay in all around I see...
Well it's certainly more starkly visible in some places than in others.

Only a few weeks ago there was a television programme which showed Louis Theroux visiting the Johannesburg suburb of Hillbrow, getting pictures of the squalor and decay that has overtaken what used to be the vibrant bohemian entertainment area overlooking the centre of the city. I have just come across a site called The Death of Johannesburg at whose author shows many pictures of the current state of Hillbrow and central Johannesburg.

I was interested because three decades ago I lived there. I remember that I could stroll in under half an hour from my flat, down to work in an office at the end of Rissik Street, near some of the places he shows around Marshall Street. I can confirm that what he says and shows is correct, and it is reinforced by many of those who have added their comments under the photographs.

Some of them asked for photos of the more prosperous suburbs. Someone else at another site supplies these. See Leaving South Africa - a photo essay at The houses have been fortified, surrounded by high walls topped by razor wire or electric fencing, and protected by armed guards on emergency response. Residents are still frequently attacked or murdered, and feel at risk of being car-jacked and shot every time they drive in or out of their houses or stop at a traffic light at night.

'The past is a foreign country', 'you can't go home again', 'water under the bridge', 'you can't step into the same river twice'. I know. Why am I bothering you you with this information? Consider, 'what's past is prologue', 'coming to a street near you soon', 'similar causes produce similar effects'. Some find less advanced symptoms of this type of physical and social decay already active across Britain, but its progress held back by the less completely corrupt political and bureaucratic systems, and the less than total influence of blacks and criminals and lefties. Don't rely too much on the mitigating influences, they are weakening. The same moral, intellectual and political causes that destroyed civilisation in Africa are at work and will have the same effect in England. Indeed, some of the same people are active in high positions, including one who forgot to mention the source of some of his election funding recently.

I can remember when an American politician said that it was American policy to turn South Africa into just another African country. That's a great success, but it seems that it will involve also turning the United Stated into just another African country. Yesterday, Rhodesia and South Africa, today America ...tomorrow, the world. That may be over ambitious. The Chinese, Japanese and Indians are probably not going to accept Africanisation.

Still, anyone who's seen Africa should have a rough ides of the likely future of this country. The important people, the ones with the best connections and snouts deepest in the trough will be unharmed, indeed they will benefit from the additional opportunities for crime and corruption. It's the rest of us who will suffer. By the way, unless you're one of the apparatchiks who will be provided with armed guards by the state, the option of private security will be much less available to middle class people than it is in South Africa. The laws will prevent it, the left will howl against it; having more money may just make you more of a target.

The decay is proceeding apace. It's not just the people, its the attitudes of the people. A few years ago there was a series of television programmes about someone who went around Britain in the 1920's or 30's using a moving pictures technology which did not catch on. It was interesting to see how much self respect the people displayed. They were neatly dressed, moved with confidence and behaved politely. One episode showed people in a poor area of, I think, Glasgow, dressed in their Sunday best suits, all wearing hats, attending a concert of classical music in a park. It's an amazing contrast with today's populace of slouching hooded yobs, in trainers and track suits, eating and drinking in the streets and scattering their refuse with unconcern. Better not to mention classical music to them.

A friend who visits Britain occasionally commented on the sloppiness and rudeness of the people in the streets of London. He was disgusted to discover that the numerous small grey patches on the pavement were pieces of chewing gum that had been spat out and trampled upon. They've degenerated themselves to the extent that they would be suited to the type of environment that Hillbrow has become. If the public services decline a bit more, so the rubbish piles up and is ignored, that is what more of this country will look like.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Beneath the surface

Just beneath the surface danger lurks. At least that's always the impression given by the media, especially if they can drag children into the matter.

Well, perhaps we should look a little below the surface of current events and situations, and consider how they may develop and affect those who will live longest with them.

Today a fall of snow brought London to a standstill. It always does. Unprecedented, they claimed. Worst snowfall for 18 years. Hmmm ..London has been a major city for about 2,000 years, so a few inches of snow is not by any means unprecedented, and the city seems to have overcome far greater problems ... blitz, fire, plague. Indeed, considering that the Underground system is more than a century old, and the railway system half a century older, motor vehicles have been numerous for at least half a century, and horse drawn vehicles were around for much longer, it does seem a bit strange that a little snow now seems to cause much more disruption to normal life than used to be the case. Can it all be down to lazy trade unionists, and the crass health and safety regulations? Some of it, probably. There's certainly much less of the attitude that 'the show must go on', 'business as usual', 'we can take it'. There's automatic reliance on government to solve any problems, blame for the politicians if the weather is unkind, eagerness to close things down as early as possible to avoid responsibility and inconvenience.

That's the nature of modern society. Passive. Increasingly dependent on large, bureaucratic, politically controlled systems covering all aspects of life. All these systems seem to to be overloaded and on the verge of collapse even in normal circumstances. The government's strategy has been to shovel ever more resources into public facilities, but they are inefficient and increasingly restricted by bureaucracy. Everywhere you look there's evidence of things not working well, becoming more complicated, employing more people and costing relatively more. The military, the police, the vastly inflated quangocracies and officialdom, the medical services, education, transport.

That's whilst the country has been rich. It's been able to carry this proliferation and complication. That time is passing. There's an interesting book called The Collapse of Complex Societies, by Joseph Tainter. He shows that at first the addition of complexity through greater specialisation and division of labour, as Adam Smith pointed out, creates benefits. Later, things become so complicated, with so many people involved that they fall over each other, and the marginal costs of extra complexity in dealing with the problems of society, come to exceed the marginal benefits of doing so. It becomes impossible to carry on in the old way, resources are insufficient, problems become overwhelming, and institutions become cruder and less specialised and less comprehensive, but cheaper. The complex society - e.g. the Roman Empire, is no longer able to compete and is destroyed or replaced by simpler societies with cruder arrangements.

We seem to be at the point where people close their eyes, insist that everything is fine and all we need is another generation of fancier technology, and lots more government expenditure. Bad news is coming.

Militarily one can see it starting, with 'asymmetrical warfare' and a 'war on terror', where the vast expenditure on nuclear weapons, nuclear powered aircraft carriers, amazingly expensive warplanes, armoured behemoths, spy and weapons satellites in space and the associated research and bureaucracy, turn out to be irrelevant and ineffective in dealing with lightly armed criminals and guerillas. The revival of piracy, as shown by the Somalis, is another straw in this wind.

It can be seen in the increasing failure of the criminal justice system. Ordinary people feel ever more exposed and unprotected, whilst corrupt leftist rulers make it ever harder to impose effective punishment at the end of over complex procedures and twist the crime statistics with the connivance of their lackeys in charge of the police. The cost of dealing with an extra crime are large, but the cost of committing an extra crime is negligable.Lots of skilled people and delays on the side of the defence, versus a single lowly skilled and instantly available criminal on the other. Increasingly, crime pays, even at the lower levels, and the risks of detection and punishment decline.

Physically these problems have not yet become large enough to disturb many people. An occasional snowfall is still a bit of a lark, rather than a threat to life or livelihood. Missing work for a day or two is basically a free holiday for most people. So far, so good. Things may start to become serious, if for instance supplies of food run low, distribution is disrupted, utilities break down, there are strikes and riots and the big bureaucracies upon which physical and economic and social life now depend start to become disfunctional. Let's hope it all lasts out our time, older people can say - but what about the children, haha!

Well, there's good news and bad news about the children, and it's the same. They're becoming more barbaric and feral.This is the result of the great effort and expense put into social engineering and 'educashun'; unfitting them to contribute to civilised life, but fitting them to demolish complex civilisations and replace them with cruder, simpler, versions of society. Civilised, technically advanced, societies can be run by quite a small proportion of competent technicians, administrators and rulers - so it's not all ending by next Tuesday, especially if the cadres can be recruited from abroad. However, its clear which way the wind's blowing.

Are our rulers so stupid and foolish that they don't realise this? Some undoubtedly are just buffoons.Many are ignorant but ambitious fools promoted well beyond their abilities, or shallow minded people attuned to the status quo, who go along to get along . Brown seems to be deluded. Others, smarter or more cynical, don't care provided their snouts are deep enough in the trough. Behind the public relations figures we see, there may be more sinister forces. It's hardly co-incidence that things consistently tend in the same direction, always against the good of the host society. Remember what Roosevelt told Lyndon Johnson, in politics nothing happens by accident. (The opposite proposition of MacMillan, 'events dear boy, events', applies to banal politicians just trying to preserve their positions and certainly not in charge of events - idiots, who may or may not be useful.) Perhaps there is method in the madness; or as the Bible has it, the children of darkness are wiser in their generation than the children of light.

Events are making more people aware of the effect of the EU on Britain. It's amusing to see the lefties squirm and snarl at each other as it becomes evident our windbag politicians can do nothing to preserve the jobs of their voters. Indeed, the velvet glove of rhetoric may be replaced by the iron fist of naked power if the yokels of Lincolnshire, or whevever the latest protests are taking place, fail to accept their much reduced place in the new world order of the EU. That of course would end Brown and his party's chance of re-election, but Brown's value to his party is almost exhausted, he merely has to take the blame for their increasingly likely heavy defeat at the next election. The powers that be won't weep for the loss of the New Labour party either. They've served their turn, and will instantly be replaced by an almost equally subservient Blue Labour party,led by Call Me Dave, Clone of Blair, whose antics may distract the populace for a few more years, whilst the destruction and decay of Britain proceeds a further stage.

One may note that this sort of unpredictable spasm, of strikes, demonstrations, stoppages and possible riots may contribute to sudden failures in the already strained infrastructure, as they escalate and interact with other factors. Such a prospect is likely to put the wind up our politicians, not just because of the chaos unleashed; but because it would reveal their powerlessness and lack of authority, mere stooges of Brussels; and so lose the legitimacy of the whole Westminster farce of pretended sovereignty in the eyes of the public, who are not yet ready to accept the death of Britain and it's dismemberment into a number of peripheral EU regions.

The slogan 'British jobs for British workers', the naive acceptance of which has crystallised the current labour dispute, is ironically amusing in the current political and social context. Few significant businesses are owned and operated in Britain by and for Britons any more. All the big ones are branches or subsidiaries of foreign organisations. They have no independence of decisions made abroad. Foreigners may buy shares in businesses quoted on British stock exchanges - well, perhaps not so many recently, but perhaps more later. They may have operations abroad, whose results are included in their British financial statements.Many of those working in Britain are not British in the sense that would have been accepted by previous generations. The same is true of the black and asiatic representatives of the British government, including those sent to the EU. The whole concept of Britain is being besmirched and dismantled by the powers that be. Currently it is becoming just a name for one of the state entities and gravy trains affiliated to the EU, similar to a company name. Many of this crowd of cosmopolitan crooks and vermin could just as well be employed by some other company or team or 'country'. The unions mean jobs for their members, but they aren't going to get that. Most of their members are white, and that will count against them in the new era - it's already happening. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and the sky will be black with them, as the leftist policies the unions supported show their inevitable results. There is one use for the slogan; to contrast what was, and what might have been, with what is and what is likely to be; and thereby perhaps encourage some people to think.

Given, say another half century,probably rather less, certainly by 2050 the destruction of Britain and the British is likely to be complete. The territory is likely to be occupied by a deracinated mish mash, which has absorbed most of the whites and negroes at Third World levels, and probably under the religious spell of Islam; with strong Indian and other oriental groups preserving their identity and well represented among the wealthy and powerful.

Considering some of the currents just beneath the surface of events, there are likely to be 'interesting times' ahead, with much food for ravens.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


There's much wailing and breast beating over the slavery of negroes in the United States, and Britain's part in the Atlantic slave trade. The ignorant are encouraged to be as indignant as if it was still happening! The more evil of the politically correct want to tax white people to pay a sort of tribute to blacks now - and in effect that is already happening through all the foreign aid and preferential discrimination programmes. Crazy! Little attention is given to slavery in the Spanish and Portuguese dominions of South America at the same time, let alone to the part played by blacks in enslaving their fellows in Africa and transporting them to the coast to be sold to traders. I've even talked to black products of the British system of 'educashun', who believed that only blacks had ever been slaves.

Less attention and praise is given to the Royal navy for its considerable efforts suppressing the slave trade on both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. In the 19th century of course, Britain was confident and powerful. Nowadays Britain hardly has a navy. The Iranians were able to confiscate it's rubber dinghy. It's not allowed to protect shipping from Somali pirates, we hear, for fear the pirates could claim political asylum in Britain, and it would be necessary to protect their 'human rights'! Oh, for the days when anyone resisting a warship commited a fatal error. (The Chinese may revive that tradition.)

We aren't told much about how the Arabs and their half-caste coastal Swahili followers depopulated vast areas of central Africa, and gave the Sultan of Zanzibar vague claims to sovereignty over much of the continent. European travelers and missionaries (eg: Livingstone and Stanley) had an uneasy relationship with the Arab slave traders, denouncing their activities but depending on their charity and assistance. Stanley found that slave raiding expeditions from the east coast regularly penetrated far into the Congo. Slaves and ivory were joint products, the slaves carried the tusks until they were both sold in Zanzibar. The Arabs were rapidly reducing the populations of both blacks and elephants. Not much thanks is given to the Colonial powers who stopped this trade, and without whom the populations of both species would be much smaller today.

Much more important and far longer lasting and more extensive and economically significant - and hardly mentioned outside the pages of specialist history books - was the enslavement of Europeans. Of course, slavery was very widespread in the ancient world. Most Roman slaves were European or Syrian. The rich cities of the middle east continued to provide markets, under Muslim, as they had under Roman rule. Warfare continued to provide slaves. According to legend, the Papal drive to re-evangelise post Roman Britain, was sparked by the words "non Anglii sed Angelii", on seeing some beautiful Anglo-Saxon slaves in the Roman slave market.

The Vikings were notorious slave raiders and traders. The Church chroniclers emphasised their murders of churchmen and theft of church gold and silver vessals and jewel encrusted objects; but good profits were made from seizing and selling beautiful women and boys, and strong workmen, who fetched a high price in the distant markets of Constantinople and Islam, traded across a network of routes and markets. Some time ago I saw a television programme showing a pretended Viking raid on a Saxon village. Everyone was dressed and equipped as authentically as possible, apart from their mindsets. The raiders were supposed to be satisfied with stealing necklaces of wooden beads from the village girls. Political correctness prevented any semblance of the likely reality they were supposed to be simulating. Can you imagine a Viking captain recruiting a pirate crew on promises of sailing and rowing an open boat - twice - across the North Sea, to seize some wooden beads! Indeed Iceland, recently in the news, was populated, not just by Vikings, but through the Irish women they seized.

Dark Age Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire was economically primitive. Archaeologists show that the rulers continued to import luxuries from the east. These had to paid for, gold and silver was scarce; there was only one high value export possible - slaves. Slaves were somewhat comparable to the later spice trade. It seems that the revival of trade, city life and culture, starting with Italian trading city states such as Amalfi, from about the 11th century (if I recall the date correctly), was based on the sale of white slaves to Byzantium and Islam.

The peoples of Eastern Europe acquired the name 'Slavs', because that's the function they were perceived to perform in the scheme of things, particularly after Church influence and the conversion of Scandinavia reduced opportunities in Western Europe.

European slave trading was big business, all sorts of people were engaged in it, including Islamic merchants. It even seems that God's most favoured people first came to prominence in Eastern Europe as slave traders, and relations with the locals went on from there. They were also amongst the largest slave dealers in Western Europe. Centuries later they were also prominent in the Atlantic trade of negro slaves. Very Portuguese/Dutch/British/American of them. Very politically incorrect to notice them.

The Ottoman rulers recruited their best troops, the Janissaries, from a levy on the Christian children in their Balkan domains.
For centuries European sea trade in the Mediterranean was beset by the risk of capture and enslavement by the Barbary Pirates. Some of the worst of these were European rogues and renegades who 'turned Turk' to escape justice and continue their lives of crime. When British naval power was weak they even raided the remoter coasts of England and Ireland and carried off slaves. They remained an arrogant nuisance, increasing their demands for protection money, until the British and American navies bombarded their home ports in the early 19th century.

There haven't been any loud demands for reparations and apologies from Muslims and Jews for their ancestors' role in oppressing and enslaving Europeans. That the reverse has happened demonstrates that evil infiltrators and traitors have taken over the government of white people, who in effect are becoming enslaved in what should be their own lands.

The Americans fought a civil war, supposedly to establish the moral superiority of wage slavery over the chattel variety. Those who own or control the 'slaves', of whatever variety, control the polity, economy and society. Now, native white people are treated with arrogant contempt and oppression by their new 'multi-cultural' and 'multi-national' rulers, effectively slaves with little or no say in what should be their own affairs.

Man of the Woods, at reports a recent British government survey. It reveals that only 19% of white people feel they can influence events affecting Great Britain, whilst ethnic minorities feel they have more than twice as much influence. Only 37% of whites, compared to 51% of minorities felt they had any local influence.

So, democracy decays into slavery. It is an old trick of tyrants to use foreign mercenaries and administrators to control a population. That's why Marco Polo was welcomed by the Mongol rulers of China, and served the Khan for years as an administrator and diplomat. Our hidden rulers use a mandarin class of corrupt, depraved, foreign, incompetent socialist vermin to control public administration and public communication and consciousness, and they import massive numbers of other foreigners to help them divide, demoralise and destroy the natives. It's well paid work, and you can get it if you've got the right attitudes and contacts. It adds new meaning to the term white slavery.