Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bran's Head and the Ravens of the Tower

Bran was the Celtic god associated with ravens; in some ways comparable to Odin. His oracular head was said to have been buried under the 'white hill' - Tower Hill, facing the continent, as a protection against invasion; until Arthur dug it up, claiming to undertake the responsibility himself. Well, Your Majesty, that's not been an unqualified success, has it?

More recently, legend claims that the continued existence of the British monarchy and nation depends on sustaining a few ravens at the Tower of London. (Supposing that the ravens are symbolic of divine mind, can anything survive outside this?) Considering the present state of these entities in comparison with what they used to be - that's not been working very well either.

Of course, legend also associates Arthur with the Cornish Chough, a bird similar to a raven, and claims that in Britain's hour of need, Arthur will again arise to inspire his people to fight and win. Britain has had inspiring leaders. Churchill was a leader of this sort. We will need his like again.

A famous quip about Churchill was that he wrote a volume of autobiography and called it The World Crisis. We now labour under a less modest ruler who claims to have 'saved the world'! No small boast. So, it's ''Move over, Winston!", and "Don't trouble yourself, Arthur"; Gordon's already done 'whatever it takes' - mainly, it seems, what it takes is promising to borrow and spend incredible sums of money - to 'save' not only this country, but the world. No need for blood, or sweat, they're so unfashionable (the tears may come later, of course).

Wait a minute... wasn't someone else supposed to be saving the world? Jesus... that's right! Gordon's not only surpassed the greatest leaders, displaced heroes of mythic status - he's replaced God!!

This is not going to end well. Hubris ... meet Nemesis. 'Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.'

Notice the pattern. (The Ravens have.) A divine task is rashly assumed by a vainglorious ruler, and the magnitude of the inevitable failure will be directly proportional to the degree of his folly. Odin and Gordon each lost an eye, but that's about the only similarity. Gordon did not sacrifice his to gain wisdom. He thought he had that already. He's a fool. Bran was of such gigantic stature he could wade the ocean dragging his navy behind him. Gordon's navy is dwindling away, and he has no stature. Neither does Britain. He has become an international laughing stock and is dragging the country down.

The ravens of the Tower have had their wings clipped to prevent them from flying away. They stay close to the the spot where many unsuccessful political leaders have been executed. They might be amused at the thought of feeding on the flesh of another political and moral failure. They may remember that only nobles were beheaded; common villains were hanged; but they'd tear his corpse as cheerfully either way.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A group of Ravens

If one is to believe WikiAnswers

the answer is a Congress or Unkindness.

Now that's a thought.
I had associated 'Congress' with sex or politics, or even both together. Vulgar parlance of course, recognises the 'unkind' effect of politicians on the public and the institutions for which they are responsible, in the metaphor that the politicians have had 'sexual congress' with them.

The same source replies to the obvious follow-up question as to what a group of politicians should be called, by conflating it with a group who decides whether to convict someone of a crime - a jury. Hmmm, not quite conventional, although Parliament can function as a court, and is usually too busy passing passing new laws with criminal sanctions to consider the old Taoist wisdom that making laws creates criminals. However, the jury of public opinion has increasing reason to regard their politicians as the real criminals, and treat them with some unkindness.

This blog intends to be unkind to many politicians and their cronies, and revive the old curse, -'May the ravens peck your eyes and tear out your heart!'