Friday, 3 April 2009

What are they doing?

Politicians. They're bringing themselves, Parliament, politics and their country into disrepute, but they ignore their increasingly angry and frustrated citizens, and continue troughing and posturing as if there's nothing else with which they should concern themselves.

The disclosure of what MP's have claimed as expenses over the past several years has led to another outburst of public indignation, following on from last years' disclosures about the lavish way the Speaker and his wife splash around and wallow in taxpayers money, whilst conducting himself and his duties in an altogether unsatisfactory manner.

The humiliating revelations that the (Two) Home Secretary has pocketed a fortune for her family home by claiming to live in her sister's spare bedroom, was undignified. Her claim of 88 pence for a bathplug is so small minded it will pin her reputation in public memory. Her claim of £10 for her husband's viewing of a couple of porn films has made her a figure of contemptuous ridicule, and has enabled a French publication to refer to Britain as the United Condom. Yet she's still in office, still troughing as greedily as ever, although perhaps more circumspectly. Her administrative incapacity in itself should long since have led to her dismissal, but despite this being overshadowed by her public and political embarrassment, the Prime Minister still has not sacked her. He's also a disgrace and a butt of derision everywhere except the compliant Beeboid media staffed by socialist drones. He gets to waste even more money, the £20-50 million thrown away on the G20 Obama fawning and its associated mini-riots amid hysterical media coverage of each other covering a few attention seeking idiots and the massive police overtime and waste of time, is just a small part of the way he misgoverns the country, to make himself look good for a very brief period.

It's the little things that trip one up, and make one hated. The scale of their waste and destruction and bad stewardship is beyond the comprehension of most of the public, but that woman (is she Smith or is she Timney?), will have a bathplug and a couple of pornographic videos tied like tin cans to the tail of her political reputation for the rest of her life; and Brown's social awkwardness and jaw dropping tic and claim to have saved the world will be how he is remembered.

Tony McNulty; another useless minister for something-or-other, has also caught some of the public's displeasure. He charged about £60,000 for in effect visiting his parents a few times, by claiming their house as his main residence. Bad boy Tony, most people manage to visit their parents occasionally without having to be paid to do so! His inept Newsnight performance where he tried to say that the unemployed should be happy with newly decorated Jobcentres, but was lambasted by an ex-Woolworths employee, who is losing her house, has fixed him temporarily in the public gaze. The information that his wife is head of the Ofsted quango which messes up schools, and between them they get - one can't honestly say earn - almost a third of a million pounds each year, does not help to improve the humour of the public.

Several husband and wife teams of MP's exist, happily exploiting the disgracefully and deliberately lax rules. One of these women was actually sued for incompetence by a voter. One of the highest charging London MP's, who disgraces Churchill's memory by occupying his old seat - and claiming to be a better MP, apparently only needs a season ticket on the tube to get to Westminster. What vermin.

They don't 'get it'. The Speaker has blocked reforms of Parliamentary administration, the Prime Minister tries to fob off the public with tales of enquiries to report and suggest reforms after he's likely to be out of office. When the Leader of the Opposition tried to raise questions about these rules, the body of MP's groaned and hissed. They've just given themselves another pay rise and pension boost. If they were pigs one might say they're fattening nicely for the slaughter. The worst of them, odious slimy socialists, have an outrageous sense of entitlement, as if being useless, destructive, filthy political rats somehow entitles them to leech off real people. I used to have some respect for at least a few of them, who are intelligent, knowledgeable and had served in high office without disgracing it, such as Hague, Rifkind or Portillo. Now whenever I see the image of a politician I remember the scene from the film The Day of the Jackal, where the assassin practices by shooting at watermelons, and one sees them exploding into a red mist.

It's been reported that an MEP can become a millionaire out of the expenses over a five year term. It's not so much worse for an MP. A salary of over £60,000 p.a. and tax free expenses averaging around £140,000 doesn't leave them much short of a million over an average parliamentary term of 4-5 years. Imagine how well those are doing who can score the hat trick of membership of Scottish or Welsh or Northern Ireland Assembly, Member of Parliament and Member of the European Parliament.

They claim that they need to be paid a lot to attract high quality people - well that's not working, so what's the next excuse? Other countries politicians get away with even more - that doesn't seem the noblest encouragement to public service, now does it? The Tories did it first, so it's right for us to it even more blatantly - that's the moral level of many Labour MP's. Obviously it's the presence of this filth that discourages better people from getting involved in what's become the sewer of politics and it's the ability to make easy money for little risk or effort that attracts them like flies to dung.

What are they actually doing for all this money? How do they spend their time? Gossiping to each other, making speeches which they know will have no affect on the outcome, intriguing to get good media coverage and avoid blame; and the public's favourite - constituency work, meaning answering complaints from voters about some aspect of the bureaucracy, or at least re-directing letters to some horrible bureaucrat who will in due course send a very polite letter telling the voter to grin and bear it. This latter task is why they claim money for staff; but for the money absorbed by each MP one could probably employ ten or a dozen people to answer and re-direct letters. Not high-powered stuff is it? No great skill or knowledge or managerial ability (apart from sleazy political cunning, which I don't evaluate positively) required justifying the inflated comparison they make for salary level with jobs which actually do require these things. Time spend climbing the greasy pole of their own political parties, elevating themselves in the opinion of the scum that has already risen to the top, getting themselves ministerial jobs they're unfitted to perform - why should we pay them for that?

There's not much time or perhaps inclination or ability, spent on that old fashioned stuff like securing redress of grievances before voting supplies of money to carry on the government, or scrutinising and criticising in detail the government's handling of public affairs. Maybe few of the members of the public are interested in much beyond sound-bites. Posturing is more successful than real aptitude. It's a media age. Representative democracy? If these people represent modern Britain, it's a very ugly face Cool Britannia must see in the mirror.

What results have they achieved? At what cost? The greater Britain's demoralization and decline the more they preen themselves, and the more outrageously they trough. They exempt themselves from the laws they pass. They attempt to hide their addresses. Ministers move in a cloud of guards and flunkeys, as if they were afraid of their people. Perhaps they are afraid. Perhaps they have done enough to justify fear. Perhaps we are no longer their people. Their people seem to be the invaders and degenerates who are paid to vote for them, or whose self interest corresponds with insatiable expansion of the state to restrict and bully and nanny at crippling cost to the real people who are forced to pay for it all. Oh, they've been very busy, or their minions have, demolishing and demonising everything British or civilised, promoting Islam and communism and anything filthy.

They don't even pay proper attention to defence, the core function of the state. See, for instance the complaints about the lack of well informed attention to defence procurement on the serious and well informed blog EU Referendum and it's companion Defence of the Realm. Justice, the second function of the state, has already been perverted. The police are used to bully people over trivialities, and arrest innocent people, while criminals are given rights in preference to their victims. The crime figures are distorted and faked to create an illusion. Instead of executing criminals , they are given light sentences and released early. People are taxed so their money can be wasted by sleazy social workers and 'educationists'[ to destroy proper family life, child raising and education and so generate hordes of criminal zombie vermin labour-voting dolescum, justifying more bureaucratic control of everyone.

Most of the legislation apparently is just rubber stamping what is sent to them from the EU, so our politicians are just the lackeys of foreign interests. They show little reluctance to be the lackeys of any interests which can offer lucrative prospects of later directorships, consultancy fees, book deals or speaking engagements. Labour has 'reformed' the House of Lords in order to fill it with their sickeningly hypocritical and corrupt influence peddlers. It could truly be said of them that they have made my Father's House a den of thieves, and turned the Mother of Parliaments into a whore. There's no need to elaborate on the recent revelations of an ex-minister close to Brown, who made video recordings of himself copulating with his mistress in his office in the House of Commons, or on the old rumour that many years ago someone rushed into Brown's office and found that Mandelson was busily buggering him. They've turned Parliament into a brothel in every sense, political, financial and sexual; and degraded the British Lion into an alley cat.

When Walter Bagehot wrote his famous book The English Constitution in 1867 he distinguished between its Dignified or ceremonial and its Efficient or practical aspects. In those days the monarchy was already ceremonial, but Parliament was still a practical institution through which the government of a great empire was conducted. Nowadays, sad to say, Parliament has joined the ceremonial flummery, and the real government is carried on by the EU Commission, the vast state bureaucracies and their entanglement of unelected and unaccountable quangos and fake charities, - and their academic and media outlets which are a substitute for the Church.

The Monarchy used to be the focus of national pride and sentiment, as well as of practical government. Now only a residue of sentiment attaches to it, and it has become a fancy dress imitation of itself, devoted to saccharine television programs and tourist promotion. Parliament is now far down the same route, a hollow shell of what it used to be, a mere depository of sinecures for greedy and useless politicians, who scarcely even pretend to take their nominal duties seriously. For recent instance, Caroline Flint, one of the ministers for foreign affairs, admitted that she had not read the Lisbon Treaty which advances the power of the EU, although it is a crucial document in her area of responsibility. The less they form part of the Efficient mechanism of government, the more pomp and perquisites our politicians demand for themselves, although the less worthy they become.

Parliament used to be the place where a high level of oratory was expected at times of national crisis, to focus debate and crystallise national emotion into resolution. Churchill was the last great Parliamentary orator, although Thatcher gave a worthy echo. The Nu-Lie-bore substitute of Spin-Doctoring the media doesn't summon up the blood and stiffen the sinews of the nation.
Parliament used to focus the national mood, to be at the centre of drama, conflict and resolution. This is becoming less the case as the nation is undermined and debased, and parliament is turned into a tourists sideshow, by our venal and unpatriotic politicians, serving evil interests.

Parliament has another function now. It has become a screen, a cut-out in the espionage sense, concealing the real rulers from the ruled. Our corrupt and greedy politicians are happy to hear the sound of their own voices, to appear on radio and television talk shows, to pose as wise and potent. They hate to admit their insignificance and foolishness, to acknowledge they are no more than wizards of Oz, putting on a display to fool the multitude. That's another reason for their low quality. Men of real ability and ambition for power don't waste their time in this theatre of pompous self-regarding wastrels. Only the ignorant, stupid and hypocritical twitter about going into politics to improve things, to 'make a difference' - other than a massive difference to their financial and social circumstances.

The main political parties are controlled and financed by broadly the same interests, and there is little difference in their policies. They're scarcely more than exercises in consumer branding, using marketing consultants to help them sell pretty much the same rubbish to as many people as possible, in slightly different packaging. Individual membership of these parties has steadily declined. Under Blair individual membership of the Labour party halved, I think, and it's much the same for the others. Cameron has driven out any old fashioned Conservatives. These bands of political opportunists will serve the interests of their real masters about equally well, whichever one happens to be more electorally popular at any given time. It's useful to have the illusion of choice, but the casino owners always win. Minor parties are hated and feared and the media is used to demonise them, in case people get to know about them and realise they could have a real choice. The massive changes made to British population, laws and society in recent decades was not the result of great popular demand, or even much debate. It was imposed by the lefty Political Class and their media co-conspirators, who continue to shrilly damn any resistance to their evil. When was the last time you felt you had any influence on such decisions, or that your representative truly represented you?

MP's no longer represent genuinely local interests - unless they're representing the interests of immigrant communities of privileged invaders. They no longer represent social groupings or different philosophies. They just represent the Political Class of lefty vermin who have seized control of middle class positions in administration, media, culture and academia. Oh yes, they also represent themselves, and boy how diligently they pursue their self interest!

Our politicians and the political institutions they infest are losing political legitimacy. They can hardly claim to represent a nation, when they have eroded and dismiss the concept of the nation and nationalism. They attract either popular loathing or popular indifference to a greater extent than popular enthusiasm. Even in 1997, when Blair smiled his landslide way to office, 40% of the potential electorate didn't bother to vote, 35% voted for other parties and only 25% voted for Labour. Subsequently it's gone down to about 20%. Brown is likely to lose the next election because he has become unpopular rather than because of any fervent enthusiasm for Cameron. People accept their rule out of habit, and fear of the consequences of disobeying the state. If the economy continues to slide into depression, and the inflation and currency depreciation now being stoked really takes hold, and the Labour government can no longer borrow enough to bribe its clientele of state employees and parasites, things may change. Who will people turn to and obey when they despise the government and no longer fear the state?

This is not the first time Britain has suffered under a corrupt Parliament. Cromwell's great tirade when he dismissed the Long Parliament, in which he had sat and for whom he had won the Civil War, is astonishingly apt, and is all the more apposite now because it's not just a few MP's but the whole 'political nation', 'body politic' or 'Establishment' that is corrupt and sick and hastening the decline of the nation, whilst there's no remedy to be expected nowadays from a Platonic doctor of statesmanship or a God-fearing military dictator. His purges and dissolutions required no confiscations, beatings, torture, imprisonment or executions of MP's. One may feel that their modern successors amply deserve such punishment.

Into what future are they taking the country? It's increasingly clear that power and significance in the world is shifting to China and India and the rest of Asia, whilst we slide down into the Third World. Our crooked, sleazy, mendacious media, political class and politicians are parasites or cancers destroying anything good that still survives, and turning Britain into an Atlantic Zimbabwe. The population may starve, but the vermin elite will live a life of well guarded luxury. 'Britain' may fade into the mists of time, no longer the 'Island of the Mighty', merely another fringe territory inhabited by savage socialised sub-humans. The politicians don't need to worry, for them the future's bright!


  1. Good article. Politicians are so far removed from the electorate now that they don't even care what rules they rubber stamp any more.

  2. "It's the little things that trip one up, and make one hated." Yes, indeed. The insult of claiming for an 88p bath plug will be remembered as the lowest common denominator. I've linked to your post- hope that's ok.

  3. Nail hit right on the head there. Labour are just so fucked come election time.