Friday, 8 May 2009

Tea Parties

When the rebellious bourgeoisie of Boston held their celebrated 'tea party', they affected the disguise of native Red Indians. Pretending to be what they are not comes easily to politicians.

There are rumours that some modern Americans are proposing 'tea parties' to resist paying taxes. Naturally all such resistance will be futile because of the immense power and intrusive bureaucracy of the modern state, which the rebellious colonists would have regarded as a grotesque tyranny far worse than anything they thought they were opposing. If they could have known that this state of affairs was associated with their other fears of a large standing army and a central banking system which multiplies national debt, they might have been all the more concerned about the ability of their descendants and successors to live up to the slogan that Liberty requires eternal vigilance if it is to be maintained.

The British political scene looks more like a Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the moment. The Prime Minister has made people question not only his judgment but his mental health, by his foolish appearance on a You Tube video, exposing the public to his distressing facial tics and axe-murderer smirks, grinning and giggling out of context with his announcement of his attempt to head off the growing public fury about MP's abuse of expenses, by substituting an attendance allowance along the lines of the EU Parliament. Not only was the content ridiculous, and resisted by Parliament, whose other denizens are starting to see that increasing the payments, making them unaccountable and a bonus for turning up to do the work for which they are already well paid, is not going to appease the wrath of an increasingly vengeful public, but it showed his contempt for Parliament by making such an announcement on such a medium rather than in Parliament, all the more so as technically it is the business of the House and not of the government.

The demented comedy proceeds, with speculation as to which of his moral midget ministers might displace Brown. None of them would be any more popular. The betting favourite is 'Postman Pat', Alan Milburn ,who has already admitted his incapacity for the job. Such self knowledge has never troubled his master, although it is increasingly troublesome to the public. This bizarre crew, undistinguished except for the greed and banality of their expense claims, drifts onwards to disaster; clinging to the wreckage of their political and moral reputations, buoyed by packages of expense claims, 'troughing' unapologetically, until the next general election puts at least some of them out of parliament and public office, if not out of public ridicule and contempt. The cabinet don't have a dormouse to put in the teapot, but the midget chipmunk or red squirrel Hazel Blears, may suffice. Previously best known as a dwarf speak-your-weight machine dispensing New Labour soundbites, but now becoming known for the nimbleness with which she has leapt from home to home accumulating expenses along the way, she was seen by criticising Brown's You Tube performance to be hesitantly extending a paw towards the forbidden fruit. The paw was hastily withdrawn when snapped at by glowering 'Gollum' Brown, the self tortured current possessor of his 'Precious', the ring of power. At this point the government is so unpopular that Sauron himself would be hard pressed to devise a means of holding on to power, and even his local representative the Nazgul Prince of Darkness, Lord Mandlescum, appears to have abandoned hope. The speculations and machinations appear pointless. Who would wish to share the bitter cup of responsibility for defeat? Brown refuses to share responsibility. He refuses to accept blame. He does not pray that the cup should pass from him. He is concerned only that his will be done. One can envisage him, after defeat in the general election, refusing to leave Downing Street, babbling of hard-working-families and getting-on-with-the-job as burly men in white coats prise his fingers off the doorposts of Number 10.

Already the media is turning against Brown. Gone are the days when spin-meister Campbell bullied and cowed them into presenting his master Blair and his agenda in the most flattering way. Gollum has had to part with his equivalent, 'McPoison', over the scandal of the scurrilous lies they were planning to tell about the opposition. Now even his faithful BBC poodle, 'toenails' Robinson has started to snap at his heels. There was glee when Brown inadvertently posed in front of several swastikas on his latest school visit. What is it with these people in government? They've debased the education system, they want to keep perverts away from children and close fast food cafes near schools, but they keep going back to be photographed amongst schoolchildren. When Saddam did it, it was regarded as sinister, and our government is surely a greater threat in every way.

It's gone beyond the amusement of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, to the more sinister situation of a Chimpanzee's Tea Party. The actions appear to be those of humans, but they are performed by creatures, which although resembling humans in body, appear less than human in their understanding of their actions. The politicians mostly seem quite out of touch with real people, unable to perceive anything amiss in their own greed, indignant that they are queried, confident in the protective power of their magical mantra 'it was all within the rules'. They can no longer understand the difference between 'could' and 'should'.They don't represent ordinary people in any meaningful sense, they have turned the political process and constitutional institutions of a democracy into a means of preventing the people from ruling themselves whilst the Political Class enrich themselves. Politicians go through the accustomed political motions - in several senses - but these have lost meaning, been degenerated through the level of ritual games, down to a mere cover for the corrupt enrichment of a class of parasites.

Today I saw the estimate by a commenter on Guido's website Order-Order that to make as much money as the average MP gets away with, an ordinary person would need an income of about £350,000 per annum. At a rough estimate of the median income being about £26,000 and the government taking over 43% of GDP, that means an MP absorbs the tax paid by about three dozen ordinary people! No wonder they are so remote, no matter where they started from, they're now on a different planet. It's not even as if they were or did anything special. They're mainly an untalented riff-raff of parasites with nothing to commend them outside the seedy world of politics. There are a few senior executives running large organisations who are paid that much, and even more, and may be worth it, but they're not hi-jacking the taxpayer to secure such an income. Our politicians have complacently caused or watched the destruction of the country. The worse they perform, the more they pay themselves. Only the fattest capitalist fatcats and banksters can compete with that.

There's no hope of some White Knights riding to the rescue of the Mother of Parliaments. The Tories will be less corrupt and a bit more competent, but they won't even attempt to put Humpty together again. Blue Labour will not attempt to reverse the social and moral degeneracy so avidly pursued by New Labour - they share the belief in it. The time of the Man on Horseback has passed. Three and a half centuries ago Oliver Cromwell, Lieutenant General of Horse of the New Model Army, played that part - and even he as Lord Protector was plagued by factious Parliaments.

Even the conventions of politeness are breaking down. A few days ago, at the 30th anniversary of the electoral triumph of Thatcher over Callaghan, people commented that even although Callaghan was a cunning socialist rogue, he made a gracious concession speech and behaved with a dignity that only three decades later, appears foreign to his successors. Sadly, this really is becoming Planet of the Apes, enforced by the social engineering of degeneracy decadence and disgrace.

The European elections are coming up next month, so the main parties are in a lather about the prospect of Labour doing very badly at the concurrent local government elections. They're even more exercised by the likelihood of losing a few seats in the European parliament to minor parties, especially the British National Party. in this the 'enriching' minorities are well to the fore, but it is sadly significant to see the weight of opposition against a party which might increase it's share of the vote from about 5% to only around 8%. The notion that anything 'British' or 'National' might receive any support in Britain today causes hysteria in the Establishment. The United Kingdom Independence Party which expects about twice as much support and wants to withdraw entirely from the EU also receives some sneering but less disapproval.

To no particular surprise it has been revealed that one of Labour's Indian peers, 'Baroness' Uddin has been enriching herself to the extent of around £100,000 by claiming second home allowance on a flat which she did not inhabit until the story was published. Her normal residence was in a subsidised flat for manual workers, which she seems to have had because her family controls the allocations! Naturally she has been prominent in various trendy politically correct causes which have the effect of transferring income and opportunities from white people to coloured invaders.

Welcome to the politics and morals of the Indian sub-continent, where money and family interest has always spoken louder than principle. This was exemplified a few years ago when Call-me-Dave was embarassed to find one of his Indian candidates had only recently been actively raising money for the Labour party, but had changed his political colours as result of some personal dispute. Already, affluent asiatics are coming to treat the British natives with the arrogance of money and the contempt of caste. White people are not reproducing their numbers, so inevitably Asians with large families and some business acumen and political influence are establishing a grip which will not be relinquished on positions of power.

Since independence the Indian and Pakistani militaries and bureaucracies have retained some of the customs and even mannerisms of the British, including a love of afternoon tea and cricket and gardening. It is easy to imagine that before long English garden and tea parties will be attended mainly by 'British' Indians who will occupy the positions of power and influence, served by a coolie class of whites and half-castes. Perhaps in only a couple of generations this new Raj of 'British' Indians will even be headed by an Indianised monarchy!

From Red Indians to 'British' Indians, by way of Mad Hatters, Chimpanzees and politicians, it's amazing who you might meet at a Tea Party.


  1. At the moment it seems the Conservatives are listening to the theories of Philip Blonde and his 'Red Toryism' - blue this, red that, all wanting to claim the shifting centre ground so very little will change. Btw, 4th para, do you mean Postie Alan Johnson?

  2. At the moment it seems the Conservatives are listening to the theories of Philip Blonde and his 'Red Toryism' - blue this, red that, all wanting to claim the shifting centre ground so very little will change. Btw, 4th para, do you mean Postie Alan Johnson?

  3. I still say build a huge 'barrack block' to 3* hotel standards for use by MPs when in London. It would cost a bomb to administer and keep secure. But there would then be no room for expenses claims other than legitimate travel, with receipts.

    If this arrangement is good enough for our servicemen then it's good enough for MPs.