Monday, 13 April 2009

Wrong sort of people

Whenever something goes wrong with the railways in Britain, it's become a bit of a joke that the blame is usually placed on 'wrong sort of snow' or 'wrong sort of leaves on the line' to excuse the failure of management and staff in coping with easily predictable contingencies. It is my contention that usually the blame for the wrong state of human affairs lies with the fact that they are dominated by the wrong sort of people.

We have just been treated to an exposure of the fact that at the heart of the British body politic lies a corrosive and corrupting cancer composed of the wrong sort of people. Paul Staines, who blogs as Guido Fawkes on his site revealed that 'spin doctors' close to the Labour leadership, indeed operating from within Downing Street, had set up a supposedly independent web site which was to be fed a series of vicious lies about leading Conservative politicians and their families, which would then be picked up and trumpeted by Labour publicists. Damien McBride, the intimate advisor of the Prime Minister has been obliged to resign as the author of these lies. Derek Draper, the recipient of the emails, which have come into Guido's possession, and thence to the Sunday papers, praised their author's brilliance, and has since been babbling to the press that he had not lied deliberately about them. Those who have followed the episodes of this man's colourful history as revealed on Guido's site, might be inclined to regard him as a compulsive liar, and question why he is at the heart of Labour's attempt to make an impression on the internet. Perhaps it's horses for courses, and the party may regard honesty as a disqualification. Questions are being asked as to why the trade union Unite is allegedly involved in financing such people and their activities. The Prime Minister himself has had to disown these men, and deny knowledge of what they were up to, despite being so close to McBride and having hosted Draper to lunch at Chequers, his official country residence, just after the false front site Red Rag was set up.

Critics of Gordon Brown, and they are numerous, don't believe that this notorious 'control freak' did not know what was happening, even if he did not see the actual emails. McBride was a very close advisor, Brown's equivalent of Alistair Campbell. Critics note that it is in character for Brown to deny knowledge and evade responsibility when anything goes wrong. He is regarded as two faced, vicious and devious, to have made his way in politics by backstabbing and underhand dealings, so it is no surprise at all to find that his close associates are of a similar calibre.

The fact that McBride was paid as a civil servant, and will get a pension of something like £85,000 per year - even if his 'resignation' is real and he does not pop up again shortly with another cushy government job in the usual New Labour manner - serves as another example of the corruption and dishonesty at the heart of British politics. People are still angry about the revelations about MP's expenses, and the continued outrageous expenditures by the Speaker and his wife. The politicians of all parties show little inclination to reform their ways, and the rot is clearly present in the top ranks of the civil service and the quangocracy. Lots more of the wrong sort of people here.

It's not just those in politics who are so often the wrong sort of people. It's also those around and protesting about our institutions and habits of life. Our parliamentarians have made a law against protest demonstrations within a mile of the Houses of Parliament. Now they have gone off on holiday to spend even more of the taxpayer's money. Curiously, there has been some sort of protest about events in their home country of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by immigrant Tamils, right outside the Houses of Parliament. This has been treated with kid gloves by the police and authorities - quite differently from the brutality with which they treated the Country Alliance protesters about the banning of fox hunting several years ago; and the way in which a wandering newspaper vendor was attacked randomly by a policeman and subsequently died at the G20 demonstrations a few days ago. Ah, but there's an important difference of status involved here. The police seem to be empowered to attack native White people in their own land, but must show the utmost deference to non-white immigrants who break the law. Lots more wrong people and wrong policies and wrong attitudes here.

There's now plenty of wrong'uns in the police. They have been Blairised and ooze political correctness. They are coming to be seen as New Labour's Stasi enforcers of political correctness. It's evil and disgusting. The media has gone the same way. There's no longer anything British about the BBC - except the taxpayer's money that funds its anti-British propaganda and personnel. A better description than British Broadcasting Corporation might be Blacks Bitches and Communists because of its staffing policies, or Brown's Broadcasting Corporation because of its slavish deference to the Labour propaganda line in presenting so-called news.

There's something about their appearance that identifies many of these people as wrong. The liar McBride, and the nasty policeman Quick who invaded Parliament to harass an opposition MP, and who also has just resigned on a vast pension after displaying a secret document as he went into Downing Street, share a similarly porcine appearence and bullying, evil disposition. Quick was the one, I think, who was found to have been running an unlicensed taxi company, staffed by off-duty policemen, from his home. Pursuing business is likely to be more lucrative and less wearisome than pursuing terrorists. That's another group there's something wrong about. According to one of the alleged terrorists rounded up in Quick's last operation, (which was what was displayed on the secret document), was supposedly killed by an American air strike in Pakistan a few months ago. Versatile and amenable fellows these ghosts; more dangerous dead than alive and always available as Bogeymen to scare the populace when a failing, flailing, government wants to distract attention from its own problems.

Touching on the Americans, it appears that their shiny new President, like their deprecated and depreciated old one, has his difficulties with the English language and diplomatic etiquette - although the press, because of its lefty bias, still treats the former with an indulgence denied to the latter. I was startled to hear a brief news clip on television today, dealing with the rescue of an American seaman from Somali pirates, wherein Mr. Obama seemed to say that he was determined to resist the rise of privacy in the Red Sea area. After Bushisms must we expect Obaminations? Someone should also tell him and his wife that it is not good diplomatic etiquette to pat the Queen of England on the back. She isn't your old granny that you're helping across the road. One might also suppose that there should still survive someone in the State Department who could inform Mr. President that DVD's and ipods are not considered appropriate diplomatic gifts. Perhaps the credit crunch is biting harder and faster than anticipated.

There are other visual clues to the wrong sort of people in this country, apart from the vast number who are not White. The television coverage of the G20 protests in the City of London included one brief excerpt showing a couple of smartly dressed City workers watching the demonstrators with expressions of alert amusement and intelligent cynicism, quite a contrast to the slack jawed zombies with weirdly painted faces and dressed as tramps, mouthing ridiculous slogans and shuffling around as if brain damaged. Lefties are degenerating themselves below the level of humanity. Unfortunately, they're trying to take the rest of us with them.

Many of the wrong ones are female. Some of these are naive sentimentalists, with whom one might have some sympathy, had they any sign of a 'head' to go with their all too evident 'heart'. These and the zombies are mere cannon fodder for the far more dangerous militant harpies. This type of bitter shrew is often intelligent, but of malign disposition. They have gained grossly excessive influence at senior levels of politics, media, administration, academia and business. Their shrilly malevolent speech easily identifies them, and their appearance often features almost triangular eyes, glittering wiith spite and hate, and short hair.

It's not only the socialists who constitute the wrong sort of people. Some of the most successful businessmen have reached eminence by dubious means. Not surprisingly, the reputations of those who were closest to the government might not survive the closest scrutiny. Apart from the now notorious bankers, there are others who would be in a more appropriate position were their heads on Tower Bridge, and their quartered bodies sent for display in the four quarters of the realm. The Bent Society blog features allegations that two of our most overpublicised businessmen, Sugar and Branson, sailed too close to the wind in accumulating their early fortunes. Seeing their heads on spikes could be more cheerful than watching another series of The Apprentice on television. Wouldn't it be a pleasure to see Sugar's execution, where someone could tell him "You're not just fired - you're shot!"

It's not just the most eminent who are often the wrong sort of people. Every fortnight Private Eye magazine contains more accounts of greed, corruption and malfeasance at various levels. The crooks didn't arrive in UFO's and take over the world from the top; the scum is always in the process of rising to the top, and it gets easier for them in circumstances of moral decay. There's an increasing sense of the end of an era, with people in a position to do so frantically grabbing all they can, while they can. Maybe it's the approaching end of the New Labour government. Maybe it's the developing economic depression, and continuing crumbling of the nation into a third world hell-hole.

Sometimes it seems that only a thorough purging by Blood and Fire would suffice to cleanse the country and the world, but increasingly it seems that we have gone past the point where things as they used to be could be restored at all. It may be a case of patching an old garment with new cloth or putting new wine into old bottles as the Bible said. The whole civilisation may be in irreversible decline, and not amenable to being restored to vigour by any amount of pruning or tweaking. If Robespierre and his guillotine couldn't Terrorise Revolutionary France into a Republic of Virtue, and the far more bloody efforts of Stalin failed in Soviet Russia, as did those of Mao in China, it's obvious that neither the attempts of our socialist rulers to convert humanity into their playthings, nor any imagined resistance to them is likely to achieve the desired results.

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