Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Public Service

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Famous words from the inauguration speech of John F. Kennedy, but it would be hard to persuade the public that they constitute the guiding principle of their rulers, or even of themselves. Apparently derived via a sentiment from Rousseau, "As soon as any man says of the affairs of state, What does it matter to me?, the state may be given up as lost", from the Platonic idea that all citizens should be involved in the political life of their state, it may be questionable how practical it has ever been. Certainly the current scandal over MP's expenses makes it seem as if the guiding principle of our politicians is to grab all they can and make their country pay for it all.

Calls for constitutional reform are emerging from the uproar, and are being taken up by politicians, especially by David Cameron. Although some hanker for proportional representation, the preferred tinkering is to make Parliament function more like the American model, with stronger and more independent committees and petitions to recall MP's who have become unpopular. This overlooks the fact that the problems lie more with the people than with the mechanism, yet it conforms to the common delusion that utopia can be achieved by a bit more social engineering of the populace and 'reform' of institutions and mechanisms. This of course is all the more strange because American politicians are not noted for honesty, economy and ascetic living. Instead, it's well known that they are permanently running for re-election and desperately striving to collect money for their hugely expensive campaigns, which dwarf the costs of British elections.

It's not clear that those famous committees, attractive though they may be to grandstanding politicians, are really effective in scrutinising the activities of government and limiting public expenditure. The cut-down, whipped and government dominated British select committee version have been better noted for pompous bullying of witnesses such as Dr. David Kelley than for incisive investigation and scrutiny of government policy.

Indeed the recent bailout of Wall Street by the American taxpayer, cast a cold light on American politicians. Those that appeared before the world made a poor impression, looking ignorant and shifty. They received a tremendous amount of mail and phone calls from voters, almost entirely opposed to the expenditure, and after a brief hesitation they obeyed the instructions of the money-men and ignored their voters. Interestingly, their political judgment was sound, as apparently most of those who were up for re-election retained their seats! Follow the money.

This is the political system whose lack of control over government expenditure, produced the famous quip, "a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money", popularly attributed to Senator Everett Dirksen. Things have moved on, and billions now have become trillions. The Pentagon is responsible for about half the defense related expenditure on the whole planet, but they are very bad at keeping track of it. Their auditors reported that trillions of dollars have disappeared and simply can't be accounted for. That's amazing and disturbing, but the bad news was buried along with thousands of people on that archetypal 'good day to bury bad news' in 2001. Considering the record and connections of the Pentagon Comptroller at the time, and the realities of power in Washington, there's a very broad hint as to what happened to the money, and why such little fuss has been made about it. Then there's the billions of dollars stolen and wasted in Iraq, with little oversight. The representatives of the people don't do a very good job at preventing such outrageous peculation and waste.

Not only are American politicians failing to control and follow up government expenditure, but they may be making things worse. George Crile's book My Enemy's Enemy recounts the strange story that was the basis for the film Charlie Wilson's War, of how a minor congressman changed American foreign policy towards Afghanistan and it's occupation by the Soviet Union. He was able, with the aid of other shady politicians to vastly increase expenditure on weapons for the Afghan guerrillas, with very little attention.

It may be doubted that holding the government to account for policies and expenditure really forms a large part of politicians' interests and activities. They are not selected for any such competence, and little encouragement is given for them to develop it. Some of the more conscientious MP's complain that any outside knowledge they may have acquired is ignored in appointing them to committees. Ministers are bereft of knowledge that might be expected of those at the head of large organisations, and by the time they learn much, they are likely to have been removed or moved on to somewhere else. There remains a belief in some quarters that political representatives should have experience of life outside politics. That would have been fair enough in days when legislation was less, and it could be discussed at greater leisure, so it's general purport and practical implementation could be given more discriminating attention. Indeed that may have been more common when affairs of the nation were settled before a Witan or Senate, whose members were chosen at least in part because of their distinction and seniority in other areas of life. Now, however, we increasingly have professional politicians, for whom politics is the only life they have ever known, and in many cases they would be unfit to participate in anything else. We need not imagine that professional politicians do a better job of promoting good legislation and sober, competent, responsible government. Clearly they don't. They do conform to the current expectation that everyone should have a well defined full time job in this bureaucratised, mechanised and routinised society. Parliament becomes a factory for legislation - that's it's purpose, so it's expected to produce lots of output, regardless of necessity or quality. There's little concern that the legislators often don't bother to read the legislation they pass, let alone study it's details and understand it's implications. They take care to exempt themselves from any onerous provisions. The professional politicians are not proficient at devising good laws, but they are proficient at self promotion, media presentation and vacuous public statements. Not the most worthwhile skills, but essential in politics and it's ancillary activities. They are not representatives of their voters, they are a Political Class, who are turning their seats in Parliament into family fiefdoms, renewed versions of rotten boroughs, and sources of income for as many family members as possible. They're not worried about loss of sovereignty, nor about becoming rubber stamps for legislation favouring special interests, and even drafted by them. Their world of politics is plush, prosperous, gossipy and full of busy-work, so they feel they are working hard and doing a wonderful job which deserves even more money and perquisites, insulated from the people who provide this comfort, except via the media of political communication - downwards - which they dominate.

This Political Class does not have the best interests of their people at heart. They parrot mantras about helping the poor, improving education or health or whatever is the flavour of the moment, but it's the opposite that is achieved. That's not altogether surprising. Parasites don't improve the health of their hosts. They are not even representative of the natural upper class of the local people. Several years ago I saw a brief mention that the majority of the advertisers A class people in Britain - the people who own and run things and whose decisions shape the future of the country, are no longer British, but Indian and American. Our Political Class does not represent the British people, but a collection of aliens. Even those who may be British by blood, are mentally alien, adherents of socialism working actively to destroy their country and turn it into just another Third World hellhole which the Political Class will administer of behalf of the very rich and powerful.

There's no perfect political system and politics has always been somewhat rough and selfish. Bismarck famously remarked that it was better not to enquire too closely what went into the making of laws and sausages. It does not have to be degraded. Equally, one can recognise that being close to power has always been an excellent way to acquire wealth. William the Conqueror's Norman knights did pretty well out of Hastings. Clive and Warren Hastings did pretty well out of India, in the accepted manner of the time and place. The victory of Blenheim led to public appreciation on a Ducal scale for Marlborough. Government contracts have often been the source of considerable wealth, sometimes at the expense of the forces and the public. Gordon's pals seem to be doing nicely out of public-private finance initiatives. Expenses padding MP's can't claim to have provided any significant public services, and the public mood is hostile to their infuriating but relatively minor self enrichments.

Currently MP's are providing the unintended public service of being a focus for public anger and frustration. People can now vent some of their discontent over their powerlessness and lack of recognition by the political establishment. This shows a potential for re-invigorating Parliament, and gives agile politicians the opportunity to claim that the roar of the crowd is in support of their particular plans. It's a bit like the story from one of the 19th century French uprisings, where someone stops a disconsolate figure trailing after a mob and asks why he is following them. "I am their leader, therefore I must follow them" came the reply.

To an extent Parliament gives the public a reflection of it's own face, and the piggy visage now on view is not attractive. It's a bad fall in the public image from a Great Power and Empire, to a mean-spirited, grubby talking-shop of minimal importance.

Politicians serve the purpose of concealing the real sources of power. The public did not ask for the massive social changes of recent decades, such as mass coloured immigration, uncontrolled borders, abolition of the death penalty, denigration of Christianity and any form of civilisation and of local institutions and standards and promotion of homosexuality. All the evil nonsense spouted by depraved lefties, and infiltrated into the Political Class came via the media and 'educational' institutions fronting for very powerful interests hostile to traditional British culture. Those who voted for them were probably not even aware of their brainwashing, but felt a clear common lefty liberal interest as a Politically Correct Political Class, against the most basic interests of the people they ruled and supposedly represented.

It does not seem likely that the current popular anger at politicians will result in changes sufficiently radical to eliminate the deeper causes of the problem, resume sovereignty from Brussels and extirpate the socialist scum and their beneficiaries, generate a strong national consciousness and leadership loyal to the best interests of the local people. More likely there will be a change of personnel within the Political Class, from Brown to a somewhat better Cameron, before the public relapses into it's usual supine concentration on personalities and trivia, content with some cosmetic changes to the political system.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Upside Down

There's an apocryphal tale that when the British forces at Yorktown surrendered to the Americans in 1781, they marched out to the tune of a popular song called The World Turned Upside Down. One story is that this song went back to the Civil Wars of the 1640's when the old style of disorderly celebration of the Christmas midwinter season was passing away as a remnant of Merrie England, and Puritan sobriety of worship and conduct was replacing it at the behest of Parliament.

Now it seems as if it is the world of Parliament that is in disorder and in danger of being turned upside down, as the press and populace demands an end of their recently publicised profligate and disorderly greed. The effect is sobering for our politicians, but it remains to be seen how deep-seated their repentance will be and whether there will be a long-lasting change of heart and a righteous Godly reformation of their conduct. Considering that the tirade attributed to Cromwell on closing the Rump Parliament, (which remains very apt and is being increasingly quoted, and was mentioned in my previous post,) was addressed to people who appeared much more Puritanical than our current raffish crew, one may doubt that the effect on our politicians will be very deep, sincere or long-lasting.

Interestingly, there is an American aspect to this upset of the Westminster world, since it was made possible by the courageous and persistent efforts of Heather Brooke, a noble American lady who successfully fought through the courts to have this information revealed to the public, against the strenuously vicious efforts of the Speaker of the House of Commons and his troughing cronies. Yes, it is appropriate to recognise her as an uncommon woman, whose noble qualities were revealed by her generosity of spirit and courageous action, resulting in a benefit to the public. She would be an asset to the House of Lords, if a future government were to give her the honour of a seat there, a contrast to the thieving vermin of Labour lobbyists who now infest it and disgrace the concept of honour. Titles of nobility of course may confer prestige, but they only recognise rather than create the noble qualities they celebrate. Sadly, when conferred on the instance of political trash, on money-grubbing scum the titles come to mean the opposite of their true meaning.

Parliament was seeking to evade the court ruling, and the public interest, by summarising and heavily editing MP's expense information before publishing it in a month or so; until someone copied the raw data and sold it to the Daily Telegraph, which has been revealing it in daily installments of fuel to the flames of public anger. This time it's not just the tawdry triviality of some of the claims which is enraging the public, but the brazen hypocrisy of claiming to be seeking to help the poor whilst explioting special tax rules to enable one to built a property empire on the sly, and even make claims for interest on mortgages that had terminated. People compare their own domestic circumstances to the details of things for which MP's have claimed, and are first amazed and then outraged at what MP's think they are entitled to claim at the expense of people who are far less well off.

No surprise then, to find that Labour MP's are the most numerous, hypocritical, arrogant and greedy in their corrupt claims. The MP's mantras of 'it was within the rules' and 'it was an honest mistake' are just annoying the public still more. Many people now want criminal investigations and prosecution, but considering how Parliament wrote the rules to suit itself, and the notorious 'Blairising' of the judiciary, Crown Prosecution Service and police force into agents of the New Labour Stasi state, it is unlikely that Plod will get to feel the collars of many politicians. Quite appropriately, the corruption goes back to the 1970's Labour government, beset by demands from it's shop steward MP's demands for more pay whilst trying to resist pay demands from public sector workers, which devised the cunning ruse of allowing loosely defined expenses to be paid instead of a pay rise. Over time both the pay and expenses of MP's have been increased excessively, and an attitude of entitlement has gripped MP's. Unfortunately they are unlikely to be gripped by hempen collars, or receive their just entitlement of a bullet in the back of the neck.

It was amusing to see the public anger directed at MP's on last week's Question Time television show, when three clapped-out politicians from the main parties were heckled and booed by the audience. They showed some courage in turning up at all, but it became clear that they are all past their 'best before' dates, and if prudent would retire to spend more time with their inflated Parliamentary pensions, although no doubt they will cling on for another year to enhance their entitlements still further. They seemed shocked and disconcerted that their usual pompous flannelling failed to soothe the audience, and the repetition of 'it was within the rules' and 'you don't understand', soured the public's mood even more.

MP's are rumoured to be in a chastened mood, although the promised suicides to follow revelation of expenses have not happened, of course. There have not even been any resignations from Parliament, just a couple of suspensions from the parliamentary Labour Party, and one of Cameron's advisers has lost that title. One of the lobbying Labour Lords, who were exposed earlier as influence peddlers has been suspended from the House for a year - but that won't stop him from continuing to use his contacts. There may have to be a few sacrifices, but the politicians are still sticking together, and have even voted themselves higher expense allowances, which they may hope to trade in for higher salaries soon. In a few weeks they'll probably recover their natural obnoxious bumptiousness, and be claiming to have been in favour of reform all along, but were oppressed by an evil 'system' which held them down and forced money into their pockets. The greedier ones have even been claiming extra food expenses of up to £800 per month, including times when Parliament was not sitting.

Naturally the Scots have been prominent in this looting of the Sassenach taxpayer, with that plaster saint of Liberal blather, 'Ming' Campbell amongst the most egregious claimants of extra rations, along with Scotland's current national hero, Alex Salmond who found time to include generous expense claims in his hectic schedule of appearances in the three parliaments of Scotland, the UK, and the EU; with the posts of greatest opprobrium being occupied by Gordon Brown who gave MP's such favourable tax status in 2003, and the repellently toadlike Speaker, 'Gorbals Mick' who has done his best to bully staff, spread the culture of corruption, conceal the truth and be himself one of the most blatant troughers. The quote by which his despicable political career is likely to be remembered is,"I didn't go into politics not to take what is due to me."

The predictable result of this scandal has been to enhance the electoral prospects of the minor parties in next month's local council and EU elections at the expense of the main parties. Currently it seems that UKIP will be the main beneficiary, and Labour may be hammered into fourth place. This is a bit ironic considering that UKIP have had a couple of their MEPs jailed or expelled for expenses corruption, but perhaps they can claim to have purged themselves ahead of the other parties.

There's been a poll on PoliticsHome which shows that Parliament is now held in public contempt. It has, one can't say enjoys, the lowest rating of all public institutions, a staggering -61%. The public appears to be in a dyspeptic mood, for almost all the institutions polled are in negative territory, with only the NHS, BBC and broadsheet newspapers scoring positively. Even that sacred cow, golden calf or idol of self worship, the National Health Service only achieves +18% approval, and the BBC the very model of political correctness and Labour 'luvviedom' only achieves +7%. The makeover of the Church of England from Christianity into another bastion of the new religion of the Establishment and cheerleader for all politically correct causes has not served it's reputation well, since it only scores -30%. It's amusing to see that despite the remorseless propaganda for London's hosting of the 2012 Olympics, this achieves -34% approval, no doubt in part the result of the realization that the original costings were wildly optimistic and the public will be left to pay for this expensive ego-trip of the political and subsidised sporting classes. Curiously, the Armed Forces are not mentioned, perhaps because they don't appeal to the political class, although they would probably receive a positive rating from the public. Neither is the Monarchy mentioned, although Crown, Church and Armed Forces were the basic institutions of the nation. They are what the current Establishment loathes, along with the very concept of a nation.

Indeed our loathsome lefty rulers and depraved Marxist intellectuals have perverted and inverted the nation and it's institutions. The best are by-passed or reviled. The worst, rule. The public have been brought to a low conception of sovereignty. They have destroyed British identity and substituted everything non and anti-British as superior. Instead of service to others of the nation, the ideal is now service to self and to enemies of Britain. A couple of weeks ago I heard a BBC broadcast where some lefty was snivelling about the hordes of blacks who are picked up from overloaded leaky boats the Mediterranean whilst attempting illegal immigration to Europe. Instead of concern over how to stem this tide and destroy the invaders, the filthy lefty was demanding that Britain take more of these creatures, which are already overrunning Malta, and provide them with a comfortable life at the expense of the British taxpayer. No doubt our disgusting Two Home Secretary will agree. Soon they can become MP's and join that shower of greedy traitors! No offers from affluent lefties to move out to make room for them, or to personally pay for them. Oh no, thats what the remaining British are there for, to be degraded and exploited to benefit lefties and their pets and have their own throats cut as kosher or halaal sacrifices.

MP's have been amongst the top few percent of earners for a long time, and at last their cant about not going into politics to make money is coming under scrutiny. Few Labour politicians could hope to make more than a small fraction of what they take from politics if they had to find a real job. Such useless people ought by definition to be excluded from the opportunity to enrich themselves at public expense. It's notable that the moral quality of the public and of Parliament and it's output has declined as Labour has exerted more influence. With few exceptions they're simply evil. Vermin. Orcs. Another lie being exposed is that they went into politics to 'make a difference', to 'improve things', to 'help the disadvantaged'. The only people they've helped apart from themselves are enemies of Britain and of civilisation, and they've done it at the expense of decent people. They rely on the material self interest of their degraded welfare state clients and administrators. Their election broadcasts concentrate on scaring their core vote that the Tories might cut their benefits and quango jobs. Despite the public anger, about 20% of the public still support Labour - about the same percentage of the population as last voted for Blair. This is the pool of filth from which they draw their politicians, supplemented by rich Labour grandees. It is pleasing to note that the rich dolly who was to have been parachuted into a safe Labour seat in London was rejected, albeit for one of of the usual dreary female apparatchiks. They've managed to invert the normal social pyramid whereby a large base supports a smaller tip of rulers and their hangers-on. Now more that half the 'jobs' are held by state employees. The hangers-on outnumber the productive workers. As the economy shrinks, and possibly unravels, tax take declines and lenders become reluctant to give money to a less than creditworthy government, that will be a recipe for trouble.

Our world may be facing the possibility of very drastic collapse and the normal way of life may be in the process of turning upside down - perhaps by 2012. Dmitry Orlov has outlined five stages of collapse. We seem to have started the financial phase. There are worries about world trade and the food supply and distribution system which may presage the second stage of commercial collapse. The third stage, political collapse is hinted at by the events and public responses which we have been discussing. Let's hope we don't get to social and cultural collapse.

The political boat has been rocked in stormy weather, but it will probably right itself, and normal troughing be resumed quite shortly when the winds of public fury have blown over, possibly after some ritual humiliations, and token changes to the rules. No doubt our politicians will soon recover their nerve and resume telling us that they are wonderful people who deserve even more of our money. The public perception of Parliament is unlikely to recover so rapidly. It is now becoming more widely recognised that the self-serving politicing and busy-work which makes our MP's feel so important, and inflates their vast sense of entitlement, is but a screen hiding their lack of power and importance and competence. Most of the legislation comes from Brussels, or is implemented by the bureaucracy via statutory instruments. Their main purpose nowadays is to distract the public from the fact that Parliament has lost it's purpose. It's a hollow sham hiding the loss of sovereignty to the EU Commission, its activity, as Macbeth said, 'a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.'

Lots of people would now like to see most of our MP's hanging from ropes. It would be preferable, though even less likely, that our politicians turned their attitudes upside down, and sought the wisdom represented by the tarot card of the Hanged Man.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tea Parties

When the rebellious bourgeoisie of Boston held their celebrated 'tea party', they affected the disguise of native Red Indians. Pretending to be what they are not comes easily to politicians.

There are rumours that some modern Americans are proposing 'tea parties' to resist paying taxes. Naturally all such resistance will be futile because of the immense power and intrusive bureaucracy of the modern state, which the rebellious colonists would have regarded as a grotesque tyranny far worse than anything they thought they were opposing. If they could have known that this state of affairs was associated with their other fears of a large standing army and a central banking system which multiplies national debt, they might have been all the more concerned about the ability of their descendants and successors to live up to the slogan that Liberty requires eternal vigilance if it is to be maintained.

The British political scene looks more like a Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the moment. The Prime Minister has made people question not only his judgment but his mental health, by his foolish appearance on a You Tube video, exposing the public to his distressing facial tics and axe-murderer smirks, grinning and giggling out of context with his announcement of his attempt to head off the growing public fury about MP's abuse of expenses, by substituting an attendance allowance along the lines of the EU Parliament. Not only was the content ridiculous, and resisted by Parliament, whose other denizens are starting to see that increasing the payments, making them unaccountable and a bonus for turning up to do the work for which they are already well paid, is not going to appease the wrath of an increasingly vengeful public, but it showed his contempt for Parliament by making such an announcement on such a medium rather than in Parliament, all the more so as technically it is the business of the House and not of the government.

The demented comedy proceeds, with speculation as to which of his moral midget ministers might displace Brown. None of them would be any more popular. The betting favourite is 'Postman Pat', Alan Milburn ,who has already admitted his incapacity for the job. Such self knowledge has never troubled his master, although it is increasingly troublesome to the public. This bizarre crew, undistinguished except for the greed and banality of their expense claims, drifts onwards to disaster; clinging to the wreckage of their political and moral reputations, buoyed by packages of expense claims, 'troughing' unapologetically, until the next general election puts at least some of them out of parliament and public office, if not out of public ridicule and contempt. The cabinet don't have a dormouse to put in the teapot, but the midget chipmunk or red squirrel Hazel Blears, may suffice. Previously best known as a dwarf speak-your-weight machine dispensing New Labour soundbites, but now becoming known for the nimbleness with which she has leapt from home to home accumulating expenses along the way, she was seen by criticising Brown's You Tube performance to be hesitantly extending a paw towards the forbidden fruit. The paw was hastily withdrawn when snapped at by glowering 'Gollum' Brown, the self tortured current possessor of his 'Precious', the ring of power. At this point the government is so unpopular that Sauron himself would be hard pressed to devise a means of holding on to power, and even his local representative the Nazgul Prince of Darkness, Lord Mandlescum, appears to have abandoned hope. The speculations and machinations appear pointless. Who would wish to share the bitter cup of responsibility for defeat? Brown refuses to share responsibility. He refuses to accept blame. He does not pray that the cup should pass from him. He is concerned only that his will be done. One can envisage him, after defeat in the general election, refusing to leave Downing Street, babbling of hard-working-families and getting-on-with-the-job as burly men in white coats prise his fingers off the doorposts of Number 10.

Already the media is turning against Brown. Gone are the days when spin-meister Campbell bullied and cowed them into presenting his master Blair and his agenda in the most flattering way. Gollum has had to part with his equivalent, 'McPoison', over the scandal of the scurrilous lies they were planning to tell about the opposition. Now even his faithful BBC poodle, 'toenails' Robinson has started to snap at his heels. There was glee when Brown inadvertently posed in front of several swastikas on his latest school visit. What is it with these people in government? They've debased the education system, they want to keep perverts away from children and close fast food cafes near schools, but they keep going back to be photographed amongst schoolchildren. When Saddam did it, it was regarded as sinister, and our government is surely a greater threat in every way.

It's gone beyond the amusement of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, to the more sinister situation of a Chimpanzee's Tea Party. The actions appear to be those of humans, but they are performed by creatures, which although resembling humans in body, appear less than human in their understanding of their actions. The politicians mostly seem quite out of touch with real people, unable to perceive anything amiss in their own greed, indignant that they are queried, confident in the protective power of their magical mantra 'it was all within the rules'. They can no longer understand the difference between 'could' and 'should'.They don't represent ordinary people in any meaningful sense, they have turned the political process and constitutional institutions of a democracy into a means of preventing the people from ruling themselves whilst the Political Class enrich themselves. Politicians go through the accustomed political motions - in several senses - but these have lost meaning, been degenerated through the level of ritual games, down to a mere cover for the corrupt enrichment of a class of parasites.

Today I saw the estimate by a commenter on Guido's website Order-Order that to make as much money as the average MP gets away with, an ordinary person would need an income of about £350,000 per annum. At a rough estimate of the median income being about £26,000 and the government taking over 43% of GDP, that means an MP absorbs the tax paid by about three dozen ordinary people! No wonder they are so remote, no matter where they started from, they're now on a different planet. It's not even as if they were or did anything special. They're mainly an untalented riff-raff of parasites with nothing to commend them outside the seedy world of politics. There are a few senior executives running large organisations who are paid that much, and even more, and may be worth it, but they're not hi-jacking the taxpayer to secure such an income. Our politicians have complacently caused or watched the destruction of the country. The worse they perform, the more they pay themselves. Only the fattest capitalist fatcats and banksters can compete with that.

There's no hope of some White Knights riding to the rescue of the Mother of Parliaments. The Tories will be less corrupt and a bit more competent, but they won't even attempt to put Humpty together again. Blue Labour will not attempt to reverse the social and moral degeneracy so avidly pursued by New Labour - they share the belief in it. The time of the Man on Horseback has passed. Three and a half centuries ago Oliver Cromwell, Lieutenant General of Horse of the New Model Army, played that part - and even he as Lord Protector was plagued by factious Parliaments.

Even the conventions of politeness are breaking down. A few days ago, at the 30th anniversary of the electoral triumph of Thatcher over Callaghan, people commented that even although Callaghan was a cunning socialist rogue, he made a gracious concession speech and behaved with a dignity that only three decades later, appears foreign to his successors. Sadly, this really is becoming Planet of the Apes, enforced by the social engineering of degeneracy decadence and disgrace.

The European elections are coming up next month, so the main parties are in a lather about the prospect of Labour doing very badly at the concurrent local government elections. They're even more exercised by the likelihood of losing a few seats in the European parliament to minor parties, especially the British National Party. in this the 'enriching' minorities are well to the fore, but it is sadly significant to see the weight of opposition against a party which might increase it's share of the vote from about 5% to only around 8%. The notion that anything 'British' or 'National' might receive any support in Britain today causes hysteria in the Establishment. The United Kingdom Independence Party which expects about twice as much support and wants to withdraw entirely from the EU also receives some sneering but less disapproval.

To no particular surprise it has been revealed that one of Labour's Indian peers, 'Baroness' Uddin has been enriching herself to the extent of around £100,000 by claiming second home allowance on a flat which she did not inhabit until the story was published. Her normal residence was in a subsidised flat for manual workers, which she seems to have had because her family controls the allocations! Naturally she has been prominent in various trendy politically correct causes which have the effect of transferring income and opportunities from white people to coloured invaders.

Welcome to the politics and morals of the Indian sub-continent, where money and family interest has always spoken louder than principle. This was exemplified a few years ago when Call-me-Dave was embarassed to find one of his Indian candidates had only recently been actively raising money for the Labour party, but had changed his political colours as result of some personal dispute. Already, affluent asiatics are coming to treat the British natives with the arrogance of money and the contempt of caste. White people are not reproducing their numbers, so inevitably Asians with large families and some business acumen and political influence are establishing a grip which will not be relinquished on positions of power.

Since independence the Indian and Pakistani militaries and bureaucracies have retained some of the customs and even mannerisms of the British, including a love of afternoon tea and cricket and gardening. It is easy to imagine that before long English garden and tea parties will be attended mainly by 'British' Indians who will occupy the positions of power and influence, served by a coolie class of whites and half-castes. Perhaps in only a couple of generations this new Raj of 'British' Indians will even be headed by an Indianised monarchy!

From Red Indians to 'British' Indians, by way of Mad Hatters, Chimpanzees and politicians, it's amazing who you might meet at a Tea Party.