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There's much wailing and breast beating over the slavery of negroes in the United States, and Britain's part in the Atlantic slave trade. The ignorant are encouraged to be as indignant as if it was still happening! The more evil of the politically correct want to tax white people to pay a sort of tribute to blacks now - and in effect that is already happening through all the foreign aid and preferential discrimination programmes. Crazy! Little attention is given to slavery in the Spanish and Portuguese dominions of South America at the same time, let alone to the part played by blacks in enslaving their fellows in Africa and transporting them to the coast to be sold to traders. I've even talked to black products of the British system of 'educashun', who believed that only blacks had ever been slaves.

Less attention and praise is given to the Royal navy for its considerable efforts suppressing the slave trade on both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. In the 19th century of course, Britain was confident and powerful. Nowadays Britain hardly has a navy. The Iranians were able to confiscate it's rubber dinghy. It's not allowed to protect shipping from Somali pirates, we hear, for fear the pirates could claim political asylum in Britain, and it would be necessary to protect their 'human rights'! Oh, for the days when anyone resisting a warship commited a fatal error. (The Chinese may revive that tradition.)

We aren't told much about how the Arabs and their half-caste coastal Swahili followers depopulated vast areas of central Africa, and gave the Sultan of Zanzibar vague claims to sovereignty over much of the continent. European travelers and missionaries (eg: Livingstone and Stanley) had an uneasy relationship with the Arab slave traders, denouncing their activities but depending on their charity and assistance. Stanley found that slave raiding expeditions from the east coast regularly penetrated far into the Congo. Slaves and ivory were joint products, the slaves carried the tusks until they were both sold in Zanzibar. The Arabs were rapidly reducing the populations of both blacks and elephants. Not much thanks is given to the Colonial powers who stopped this trade, and without whom the populations of both species would be much smaller today.

Much more important and far longer lasting and more extensive and economically significant - and hardly mentioned outside the pages of specialist history books - was the enslavement of Europeans. Of course, slavery was very widespread in the ancient world. Most Roman slaves were European or Syrian. The rich cities of the middle east continued to provide markets, under Muslim, as they had under Roman rule. Warfare continued to provide slaves. According to legend, the Papal drive to re-evangelise post Roman Britain, was sparked by the words "non Anglii sed Angelii", on seeing some beautiful Anglo-Saxon slaves in the Roman slave market.

The Vikings were notorious slave raiders and traders. The Church chroniclers emphasised their murders of churchmen and theft of church gold and silver vessals and jewel encrusted objects; but good profits were made from seizing and selling beautiful women and boys, and strong workmen, who fetched a high price in the distant markets of Constantinople and Islam, traded across a network of routes and markets. Some time ago I saw a television programme showing a pretended Viking raid on a Saxon village. Everyone was dressed and equipped as authentically as possible, apart from their mindsets. The raiders were supposed to be satisfied with stealing necklaces of wooden beads from the village girls. Political correctness prevented any semblance of the likely reality they were supposed to be simulating. Can you imagine a Viking captain recruiting a pirate crew on promises of sailing and rowing an open boat - twice - across the North Sea, to seize some wooden beads! Indeed Iceland, recently in the news, was populated, not just by Vikings, but through the Irish women they seized.

Dark Age Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire was economically primitive. Archaeologists show that the rulers continued to import luxuries from the east. These had to paid for, gold and silver was scarce; there was only one high value export possible - slaves. Slaves were somewhat comparable to the later spice trade. It seems that the revival of trade, city life and culture, starting with Italian trading city states such as Amalfi, from about the 11th century (if I recall the date correctly), was based on the sale of white slaves to Byzantium and Islam.

The peoples of Eastern Europe acquired the name 'Slavs', because that's the function they were perceived to perform in the scheme of things, particularly after Church influence and the conversion of Scandinavia reduced opportunities in Western Europe.

European slave trading was big business, all sorts of people were engaged in it, including Islamic merchants. It even seems that God's most favoured people first came to prominence in Eastern Europe as slave traders, and relations with the locals went on from there. They were also amongst the largest slave dealers in Western Europe. Centuries later they were also prominent in the Atlantic trade of negro slaves. Very Portuguese/Dutch/British/American of them. Very politically incorrect to notice them.

The Ottoman rulers recruited their best troops, the Janissaries, from a levy on the Christian children in their Balkan domains.
For centuries European sea trade in the Mediterranean was beset by the risk of capture and enslavement by the Barbary Pirates. Some of the worst of these were European rogues and renegades who 'turned Turk' to escape justice and continue their lives of crime. When British naval power was weak they even raided the remoter coasts of England and Ireland and carried off slaves. They remained an arrogant nuisance, increasing their demands for protection money, until the British and American navies bombarded their home ports in the early 19th century.

There haven't been any loud demands for reparations and apologies from Muslims and Jews for their ancestors' role in oppressing and enslaving Europeans. That the reverse has happened demonstrates that evil infiltrators and traitors have taken over the government of white people, who in effect are becoming enslaved in what should be their own lands.

The Americans fought a civil war, supposedly to establish the moral superiority of wage slavery over the chattel variety. Those who own or control the 'slaves', of whatever variety, control the polity, economy and society. Now, native white people are treated with arrogant contempt and oppression by their new 'multi-cultural' and 'multi-national' rulers, effectively slaves with little or no say in what should be their own affairs.

Man of the Woods, at reports a recent British government survey. It reveals that only 19% of white people feel they can influence events affecting Great Britain, whilst ethnic minorities feel they have more than twice as much influence. Only 37% of whites, compared to 51% of minorities felt they had any local influence.

So, democracy decays into slavery. It is an old trick of tyrants to use foreign mercenaries and administrators to control a population. That's why Marco Polo was welcomed by the Mongol rulers of China, and served the Khan for years as an administrator and diplomat. Our hidden rulers use a mandarin class of corrupt, depraved, foreign, incompetent socialist vermin to control public administration and public communication and consciousness, and they import massive numbers of other foreigners to help them divide, demoralise and destroy the natives. It's well paid work, and you can get it if you've got the right attitudes and contacts. It adds new meaning to the term white slavery.

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