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Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven.
That's not the sort of headline you expect to see in our politically correct media, but there it is, on a story at Time, dated 14th February 2008, by Alex Perry.,8599,1713275,00.html Noting the date, someone may have a sense of humour - something else, besides truth, that's politically incorrect. It's a story about the failure of economic development in the Congo.

"We should just give it all back to the whites," the riverboat captain says. "Even if you go 1,000 kilometers down this river, you won't see a single sign of development. When the whites left, we didn't just stay where we were. We went backwards."

"On this river, all that you see — the buildings, the boats — only whites did that. After the whites left, the Congolese did not work. We did not know how to. For the past 50 years, we've just declined." He pauses. "They took this country by force," he says, with more than a touch of admiration. "If they came back, this time we'd give them the country for free."

Thanks, but 'no thanks'. It's difficult to imagine many whites being willing or able to take up that burden again, or even being able to stop grovelling to the crazies who find the word 'golliwog' worse that any foul language, and justification for extreme execration and punishment. Africa will just have to continue rotting until the Chinese get around to absorbing it. They're busy with Tibet at the moment.

In the present circumstances it is very difficult to imagine any such change...and yet, circumstances do change, sometimes rapidly and dramatically...though you'd need to be a Prophet to predict that much of a change. The Prophet Nicolaas van Rensburg predicted it.

Not many people outside South Africa have heard of the Afrikaans prophet or seer, Siener van Rensburg. In South Africa he was famous up to his death in 1926. His predictions assisted Boer forces in the Anglo-Boer War. He was jailed for participation in a rebellion against South African participation on the Allied side in the First World War. He was ardently devoted to the cause of his people, hostile to British rule and friendly towards Germany. Some predictions attributed to him are amazingly prescient. Some Afrikaner's still have faith in him. He predicted that after much suffering under black rule, the Boere would regain control of South Africa, assisted by a resurgent Germany, and even extend their control over Africa up to the equator. Oh yes, he predicted that England would lose all its colonies and be destroyed. So far, so crazy, one might think.

Here's a summary of his life and predictions.

Here's a free book about his life and prophesies.

The thing I find strange is that someone who died in 1926 would have been able to predict massive black emigration to Britain and Europe, and its concomitant decadence and disease, and see this as a major factor in the destruction of Britain.

He was no modern man, but a man of the past, the distant past. His powerful presence, and the awe and devotion and controversy he inspired, make him seem like an Israelite prophet, or a druid. Deeply religious, he apparently literally never read anything but the Bible, and his mysterious visions were noted in a couple of exercise books by his daughter. He seems a bit like the legendary Merlin, but one who never found a successful Arthur, and whose people attained their Camelot only a generation after his death. Such men have a hold on the soul of their people, and it is easy to see why the Romans were so determined to stamp out the druids, why the Biblical Kings of Israel had such an uneasy relation with the prophets of their people - and why Smuts suppressed mention of van Rensburg and his writings during the Second World War when a faction of Afrikaners rebelled in support of Germany.

The timing and interpretation of many of these prophecies is of course unclear; but it is disturbing in the light of the present economic situation, that he predicted that England and America would become full of debt, and bankrupt.

It's certainly not reassuring to notice that he foresaw further massive immigration of blacks into Britain, and racial conflict, and that this was likely to precede a war with Russia, which left Britain destroyed, and no longer even occupying a place at the diplomatic table of Europe; which will be headed by a revived Germany, not disposed to sympathy towards Britain.

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  1. "he predicted that England and America would become full of debt, and bankrupt."

    So much for "no one saw it coming" comments from this very day!