Monday, 16 February 2009

Miss Piggy and the Kali Yuga

Some people with an irreverent attitude to our porcine Home Secretary, liken her to a TV cartoon character named Miss Piggy.

This is sharply amusing, and triply appropriate, given her omnivorous greed; reflected both in her personal appearance, which has otherwise earned her the sobriquet of Five Bellies; and her disposition to 'pig-out' or grub for every financial advantage to be gained by MP's and ministers under their self-servingly lax rules; recently revealed to the disgust and annoyance of the public. Although a married woman, she is continually referred to as Miss, being apparently one of the flock of crazed feminist Bacchant harpies, screechingly engaged in the destruction of family life, and social mores.

Actually,her sour disposition and scowling visage tend to create sympathy for the cheerful cartoon character and the useful animals with whom she is compared. There's also a sinister resonance with Animal Farm, as in true Stalinist New Labour style, she is one of our rulers, hypocritically pursuing their own comfort and advantage under the pretence of public service, and twisting language to help them deceive the public.

Other blogs have recently commented on the debasement of language by our current rulers, and it is characteristic of political correctness and Communism, and the shadowy power behind both. The Bible refers to a Father of Lies, as did the Zoroastrians, and indeed the motto of the Mossad, using a quotation from Deuteronomy, proclaims that by deception shalt thou wage war.

Our ruling filth, whenever some of its roguery is revealed, whines self-righteously that no rules or administrative procedures were transgressed, and they somehow deserve all they can get at the expense of the public. Alas, that the public is unable to give them even a small portion of their just desserts. Perhaps, if there is anything in the notion of re-incarnation and karma, they will be re-born, not as useful, cheerful pigs, but among those who give a bad name to pigs, or as plague bacilli; or even as wretched people who endure a particularly miserable life and painful death, considering that it used to be a common belief - and still is in the East - that such circumstances were a means of compensating for evil done in previous lives.

Of course, there's long been a belief that time brings moral deterioration to the mass of humanity, and not the 'progress' that is optimistically asserted by glibly affluent moderns. This is seen, for instance in Hesiod's scheme of metallic ages, in the Biblical image of the man representing empires from gold to clay, and the Hindu belief in ages dominated by successively lower castes and moralities. It is easy to suppose that our current rulers, and the type of people favoured by the media and lefty intellectuals, with the perverted culture that produces them, and that they worsen; provide evidence that we are now in the last and lowest portion of the cycle, the Kali Yuga; when the coarsest common man, rather than the spiritual or noble, or even the rich, is lauded, and the most materialistic, ignorant, vicious, depraved and criminal elements rise to the top. This phase may last for several millenia, although it is the shortest part of the cycle.

There has been a recent media fuss about children having children, all at taxpayers expense, and hereditary dynasties of loutish uncouth Labour voting people who have never worked or done anything useful, but are given more comfortable circumstances than can be afforded by many of those who have been taxed to pay for them. These are the core voters upon whom Labour rely, and whose administration provides jobs for the apparatchiks and Guardianistas, at the expense of decent people, and this moral and intellectual degeneracy and socio-political thralldom is the condition to which they are working to degrade everyone. Already many of the vermin who fill the offices of state really can't tolerate anyone who is or aspires to be anything better.

They are like Tolkien's Orcs, created from tortured Elves and bred inhumanely in darkness and foulness. Like Saruman, their leaders may pretend to be religious, and even holy, yet they serve Sauron. Don't forget that Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings to create a mythology for England.

This suggests that the Kali Yuga is well advanced, but has probably not yet reached its depth, when life expectancy will be very low - hence children having children, and living circumstances and culture will be very low - but that's the way our progressive leaders are taking us. That some people recognise and protest this shows they have not entirely succeeded. Rearguard actions and rallies in the long retreat are possible, and the evil are not always efficient. There may be unexpected developments, as the times become more 'interesting', and the Ravens may have more to observe and report.

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