Monday, 26 January 2009

Things fall apart

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...

So the poet Yeats informed us. He wasn't thinking of our present economic, political, social or cultural situation but it's increasingly coming to look as if he might as well have been.

Day by day thousands of jobs are lost in the productive economy, but more tax consuming non-jobs are created in the jungle of state and quasi state bureaucracies of political control and correctness.That is now the main thing holding the country together and binding it to the EU, while sapping its life-force, poisoning the well-springs of culture and morality, destroying the identity and institutions of the native people and ever more egregiously draining their wealth to be squandered on third world filth, socialist vermin and blatantly corrupt 'Nu Liebore' legislators, administrators and publicists.

Soviet Britain, a report noted from the Sunday Times of 25th Jan 2009, at (seen via Devils Kitchen and Samizdata) shows that almost half of the expenditure in the economy is made by the state. Even in the south ,it is over one third, and over two thirds in the north of England, 70% in Wales and almost 78% in Northern Ireland. Scotland escapes mention, but is probably towards the high end.

This cozy arrangement is now under threat. Labour's cunning plan to dominate Britain in perpetuity, by over-taxing the prosperous south to bribe their supporters in the rest of the country, and so maintain an overall parliamentary majority funded by those who opposed them can hardly continue much longer unchallenged. They thought they would have overwhelming majorities in regional assemblies,( which is why they were allowed in Wales and Scotland, but not in England). They overlooked human nature - as they usually do. The appetite for power grows by what it feeds on, and creating national assemblies just gave ambitious politicians outside the Labour fold an opportunity to wrap themselves in the local flag and beat the nationalist drum, so Labour is losing its hold on these areas.

That was already happening. The economic difficulties present a new and unexpected threat. Brown's government is reported to be spending about £14m per minute in excess of what they raise in taxes, funded by vast and imprudent borrowing. Brown's plan to save his own job, as tax revenues decline, is to expand this borrowing - but the lenders are increasingly reluctant to comply, as the risk of default grows, and the value of the pound in terms of foreign exchange falls precipitously. As the productive economy shrinks, the absolute and relative burden of the tax consuming classes grows. These people have a very strong and vocal sense of entitlement, and deep felt contempt for the people who are being taxed to pay for them. They are not going away, they won't cheerfully accept cuts in pay. They regard reductions in the rate of increase of expenditure on them as unjust 'cuts' to be ferociously resisted. They are the core of Labour's membership, the people who rent a crowd or get out the vote. The government will not be able to resist their pressure. Consequently, they will 'print' money to assuage them temporarily, and let massive inflation destroy the rest of the country. That's when times could get really 'interesting'. Looting what's left, and massacring 'kulaks' or 'aristocrats' or 'saboteurs' may keep the scum at the top precariously in power, but it won't keep the bulk of the population happy, or even fed. Consider that this country doesn't grow all its own food, it's ability to export enough to pay for it's imports is under strain, and the chaos caused by socialist economics, (the Soviet Union actually made it's people poorer than if they had sold raw materials on the international market and bought all their manufactured goods) and the certainty that when there's a shortage it wont be the nomenklatura and its administrative drones who starve. Stasis.

Of course the EU filth are well aware of the possibility that discontent in the taxpaying classes may result in disturbances to their rule, so they are meeting with the scum that govern each state, to strengthen their grip. They are now criminalising bureaucratic misdemeanours, and creating databases on everyone. Raedwald has the news of this latest repression at

It's curious to note that the complex but vague system of cyclical history propounded by Yeats, in A Vision, suggested that the period of approximately 1927 to 2050 would be characterised by 'artificial unification of Europe'. We seem to be well on track. Not bad for a poet.

It's not surprising that Britain should fall apart over several generations. When there's an increasingly rich, powerful and successful entity, such as the empires of Rome or Britain, ambitious people want to join it. When it has a superior culture, people on the fringes are keen to assimilate to it. Even when most of Italy was under the rule of the Goths, their king, Theodoric, could famously say,"a good Goth wants to be like a Roman; only a bad Roman would want to be like a Goth." When Britain was successful, ambitious Welsh, Scots and Irish wanted to be part of it, and indeed made substantial contributions. There was bite in the well known joke made by Samuel Johnson, commenting on the beauty of Scotland's scenery, that the fairest prospect a Scotsman ever sees, is the high road to England.

Now the tide is starting to reverse. Britain, and particularly England's, history, identity, religion and culture, are scorned and reviled by the ruling scum of cosmopolitan leftist filth who have been brought to the fore by several generations of infiltration and propaganda. It's flag has been debased to a mere sports emblem. It's national day is not celebrated. Flooding the country with the detritus of the third world and making them 'British' has been and remains an urgent priority of our evil administrators. Some of the Asiatic and African immigrants are of superior moral status to the debased remnants of the British amongst whom they find themselves - although many are also the worst criminals and naturally favoured by our rulers.

Thus, and as the economic ability of England to generate wealth and dispense subsidies declines, there is less to attract people to it who could compete for wealth and status in their native Scotland or Wales, where a stronger sense of identity has been allowed to remain. The faster England declines, the sooner Wales and Scotland may be expected to break away, and claim as much independence as the EU will allow them. This will certainly include lavish lifestyles for politicians, who will be all the more encouraged to jostle, if there is not enough room for them to strut, upon the EU if not exactly the world, stage.

The debasement of English identity, and the Christian religion, was shown in a TV program last Sunday. It was presented by a black West Indian clergyman who spoke of 'we' English; and sundry white female academics and 'priests', who babbled about Bede and the 'inclusiveness' of Anglo Saxon Christianity in the time of St. Cuthbert and the Lindisfarne Gospels. No one was so politically incorrect as to comment on the relations between Saxons and the 'foreigners' - which was what 'Welsh' meant.

There can be no doubt that Cuthbert, and the other churchmen of the time would have welcomed the black man as a fellow Christian, but not being blind or dishonest, they could not have welcomed him as a fellow Englishman. Had they been able to have a vision of this show they would probably have regarded it as being a delusion sent by Satan. I'm not sure whether they would have been more shocked by a black man claiming to be English, or a woman claiming to be a priest - most probably the latter. They would certainly be upset to learn of the current state of the Church in England, where scarcely 5% of the population are regular churchgoers of any denomination. They would feel their missionary endeavours to have been unsuccessful, and would be amazed and saddened to find that the Church of England is rent between buggers and blacks.

To end, considering what the more distant future may hold, as we began, with a couple of lines from Yeats's great poem, The Second Coming:
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
slouches towards Bethlehem to be born

Yeats's own provisional answer, from the system of A Vision, was that by around 2150 a new tribalism would be evident. Like all others, the current dispensation will pass away. We won't see it, but the ravens may.

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  1. Idunna of Totley20 August 2009 at 11:05

    I came across this fascinating blog by chance today. So much of what you write is true, and many of your predictions, including economic collapse and the printing more money, have certainly come to pass.

    I too saw that 'inclusive' TV programme; an appalling distortion of history. So too are the recent couple of BBC programmes showing black victorians in crinolines and top hats thronging the streets of London. The people of England are being taught an alternative reality!

    I like Yeats' realistic vision of revolution;

    'Hurrah for revolution, and cannon shot
    A beggar on horseback lashes a beggar on foot.
    Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again,
    The beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on.'

    The tribalism you herald is building. More and more of us are rediscovering our Heathen roots, the true religion of our folk. Our tribe will have strength and purpose; the swarthy tribes of incomers will 'end where they began'.

    Thank you, and Waes Hael!