Friday, 16 January 2009

Polluted Politics and Lost Identity

Now we're all so green, wouldn't it be nice to save the world from the toxic waste produced by our political institutions? Yes, we could help the planet if we could limit the emission of hot air by our politicians and the whole political class. Consider all the useful raw material that is warped and wasted by our political processes; all the people whose lives have been distorted and degraded by those who proclaim that they are doing this with the best of intentions, for the benefit of their victims and the whole world.

Well, that's a lot to consider, so we could start more modestly by considering the most recent example of the personal venality of our Members of Parliament. After the fuss about employing their relatives to do little or nothing but be paid by the public, and the second houses and John Lewis list scams, and the ability to claim expenses up to £250 without supporting documentation, the Speaker and a few cronies were to consider tightening the rules. No chance of Gorbals Mick tightening his own belt, or of tolerating any interference with the troughing rights of 'honourable' members. It was slyly and surreptitiously announced yesterday that in future, information about MP's expenses will be concealed from the public, and they will be able to claim £25 without documentation or justification whenever they want. An unemployed person would have to live for almost half a week on as much. Many more voters are becoming unemployed - and unimpressed by their rulers.

This Speaker is the rotten face of a rotten parliament, a rotten party and a rotten political system.

Speaker Lenthall, who defied CharlesI, appears to have been a sincere Puritan and a humble man. He wrote an epitaph for his own tombstone, 'vermis sum' - I am a worm. How much more apt a description for the current loathsome occupant of his venerable office. This is the same piece of vermin who was seen evading responsibility for allowing a raid by our Stasi police force on the office of an opposition MP who had embarassed the government by revealing leaked details of their incompetence in office. (That was why MP's of an earlier era were reluctant to allow Peel to establish a Metropolitan police force. They feared it would become a tool of repressive governments.) When details of the excessive expenditure of the Speaker and his wife - how she could be incurring legitimate expenses on behalf of Parliament was never made clear - were revealed last year , TV showed brief views of two Labour MP'S. One was of a thin elderly man who urged the Speaker to tighten the rules and clear up the mess swiftly, because it was damaging the reputation of Parliament. I suppose he is regarded as a troublemaker. The other was of a fat oily fellow, who surely must be well 'in' with the government. He was most indignant at the idea that the wife of a Labour MP (as Gorbals Mick is), might be expected to take a bus rather than a taxi to go shopping. It did not seem to occur to him that whatever her chosen mode of transport, she should pay for it herself. As she should pay for her shopping. Don't tell me she was shopping to provide refreshments for some occasion hosted by her husband. If they were not employed by government, they or their associates would have to pay for their own socialising and politicing, and the Speaker is extremely well paid and most plushly provided for.

These however, although extremely irritating, are only among the lesser lice infesting the body politic.

Parliament itself is almost an irrelevance. Blair rarely bothered to attend. Brown is a poor parliamentary performer, and prefers to bypass this irritating institution as much as possible. Despite the public uproar over the question of expanding Heathrow airport, he denies Parliament the opportunity to debate and decide the issue. It is said that up to 80% of legislation now comes from the European Commission in Brussells. The 'ever closer union' of a boa constrictor and its prey reduces our political institutions to no more than tourist attractions, and provides perverted means for the corrupt zombie class of socialist administrators to destroy the remains of anything worthwhile in this country. The EU itself is blatantly corrupt, not only in the way it runs, the deals it makes, its failure to account for its income and expenditure so that its auditors have refused to accept its accounts ( for 14 years running!), but also the irrelevance of democracy as all important decisions are made by the Commissioners, and our MEP's 'trough it' on a larger scale than our MP's and with far less press and public scrutiny. Some of these creatures even collect three sets of emoluments, pensions and expenses and opportunities for employing relatives, as members of Scottish or Welsh assemblies, MP's and MEP's. No wonder they don't seem to have much time or interest for anything but self enrichment. They hate and fear the light, anyone who attempts to shed light on their doings is persecuted. Several whistle-blowers have been hounded, whilst the evil continue to enrich themselves and betray their people. Never mind the meaning of the E at Delphi, the E in EU evidently stands for Evil. 'U'r Evil' could be a better description than European Union. 'Ur- Evil' might describe the forces controlling them.

Such people are obviously highly susceptible to blandishments and are more likely to be in search of temptation than able to resist it. So who might be whispering in their ears? It's not their voters. Perhaps it's rich 'Russian' oligarchs with strong Israeli connections, who stole the Russian economy, and who can now afford to cruise the Mediterranean entertaining their friends.

When we stop and take a hard look at our society and institutions and the attitudes that are now promoted and enforced, it's less of a surprise to find that our plastic Parliament is inhabited by plastic people. It's an almost powerless parody of what it used to be. It no longer represents Britain; Britain is what is being destroyed and swept away. In medieval times the House of Lords mattered, this was the assembly of the people who actually owned and ran the country, and who raised and commanded its military forces from their own resources. The King had a council, and could govern through favourites, but he could not overbear strong opposition among the Lords.They included some bishops because the Church was very wealthy and included the intellectual class who moulded opinion and the religious/emotional life of the people, and contributed educated administrators. The House of Commons consisted of the representatives of the richer townsmen and most influential local landowners. They mattered because these were the sort of people who ran things at a local level, and who would have to contribute and collect most of the taxes, so it was prudent to get their agreement to laws and impositions, especially as the king was expected to pay for central government from his own income in normal times and only appeal for one-off taxes to pay for emergencies, especially wars.
Meetings were infrequent. Travel was troublesome. People were not always keen to accept the responsibility. The majority of the population were not included, but few of them would have wished to be involved. Their wishes regarding government were usually that the King would be blessed by God and rule justly with good advice from his Lords and Commons, and that their own local superiors would not be too harsh or unjust towards them. The King was supposed to remedy injustice. The institution of the King in Parliament effectively expressed the economic and social structure of the country and articulated it's sense of identity. People and their institutions are not perfect, but this worked reasonably well.

Compare the present situation. Most of the people who own and run the economy of Britain are no longer British. A few years ago I saw a brief press report that the majority of the advertiser's 'A' class people are now American or Indian. These are the equivalent of the medieval Lords. They don't need to meet here in a House of Lords, their interests go far beyond Britain. London is just a convenient place to visit occasionally. The top level people may meet at places like Bilderberg, or various other places, or just electronically in a world of easy communications. Probably most of British businesses are subsidiaries or branches of American or other foreign companies. The people at the head of British companies are, in the main, not there because they and their ancestors established and nurtured them, but because they were appointed as stewards for those who hold a controlling interest. They have no personal interest apart from the money they expect to make in a company or in the country. They are not related to their managers, they feel no responsibility, beyond the legal minima and prudent public relations, towards their employees. Institutional shareholding reinforces rather than amends this pattern. They may not feel that they have much in common with the people of the land. They may be transferred around the world at a whim, they will probably live abroad when they retire. Their colleagues and outlooks are cosmopolitan. Even if they were British by birth, they are no longer British in soul or spirit.

Not much chance of getting good counsel from these people. Many of them may well be very able,dynamic, shrewd, knowledgeable and even wise, but why would they waste their time in a Toytown House of Lords, or advise fools? They don't have to be here, they can't be compelled, and they don't necessarily have British interests at heart. Strangely, Nu-Liebore seems to love rich 'non-domiciles' and fawningly gives them tax advantages, but apart from throwing them some money as political contributions, the affection does not seem to be reciprocated. Instead, the modern House of Lords is just a repository for decaying politicians, social climbing nouveau riche willing to make political or 'charitable' donations until they receive an 'honour' (puke!) - and oh yes, people the Prime Minister wants to have in his government without having to submit to the risks of a democratic election. Not much hope of robust defence of Britain from that lot either, although one should mention that the older holdouts from a slightly better era have managed to embarass the government occasionally by resisting their more obviously repressive legislation.

The socialist intellectuals who are the eqivalent of the medieval bishops are even more alienated. To be fair, many of the medieval bishops were foreigners, and some of the lords held fiefs abroad. Probably they didn't often despise and attempt to degrade the people of this land, unlike their modern replacements and the think tank inhabitants, journalists assorted 'experts' 'educationists', 'reformers' and 'artists' who are the equivalent of the lower clergy. Their mission is to spread intellectual and moral poison, and cause the people to reject their own identity and history. They have been successful.

The equivalents of the medieval MP's would be the bosses of successful local businesses, local bankers, lawyers or accountants, substantial farmers or people who have earned some local respect for their achievements. People who might be respected and trusted. Well, there's not many of them left in Parliament, or even locally. Many of our modern MP's have never held 'proper' jobs outside the state bureaucracy or quangocracy. A lot of them have simply crept from student politics, through unpaid service to an MP and party office, into parliament and then into government office. As long as they stick to the party line and avoid embarassment to their masters, they may circulate for years through a variety of jobs, like dirty bathwater draining slowly down a plughole, knowing little and caring less for the areas they are supposed to administer. Even the civil service is embarassed by the low quality of many of them. That's even ignoring the Labour drones, clapped out union officials sent to parliament as a retirement sinecure. Many of these people have never done an honest day's work and would be hard pressed, even in better economic times, to get a job paying anything near the average wage, let alone Parliamentary pay (about three times the average wage) and all those amazingly generous tax free allowances as well as the gold plated parliamentary pension. On average MPs' total cost to the taxpayer is estimated at around £250,000 per head per year, if I recall correctly. Serious money. No wonder it attracts rogues. Scope for an immediate 90% cut I would think. No surprise that this shower of wasters contributes virtually nothing to good government. They only represent the little cliques of (mainly) vermin that selected them and shoved them in front of the public at an election. The party system prevents individuals with ambition - and that's nearly all - from scrutinising legislation properly; government control of procedure prevents introduction and fair treatment of private members bills. Mostly carpetbaggers, few have local roots in the constituencies they claim to represent, and there are few strong local interest groups who could and would be able to support and re-elect an MP who showed independence.

So Parliament is just a hollow sham. It does not represent Britain. There may not be much of 'Britain' left to be represented. There's certainly an excessively large and growing population, but this is increasingly merely a garbage heap of the world's refuse, mixed with the debased and degenerating remnants of the British, administered by the vile vampires and brainwashed zombies of communist political correctness. This mess will certainly rot, but it won't produce the beneficial compost in which the New Eden can grow, supporting a marvelous new humanity. More than Watermelon Greens - (green outside, red within) will be disappointed.

Yes, this is the modern state. It does not exist to express the identity of a People,but to destroy Peoples and civilisations - except for one, of course.

I seem to have read somewhere that before the first world war, Britain ran it's empire with only about 2,000 civil servants. That may not have included all the menial jobs, but nowadays many of these are outsourced, so the numbers are probably roughly comparable. Britain's population may have increased by about half, but better communications and computer technology should make administration easier.It's obviously not about better or more efficient government.

Whole categories of government programmes could be eliminated, whole departments closed, if we were looking for fair, effective and efficient government; but that's beside the point.

Yesterday's Newsnight discussion showed that the junior ministers are just ambitious but indifferent and ignorant people 'going along in order to get along'; while the senior civil servants are office politician-empire builders.None of them care a damm about the public. Neither do the few near the top who devise the maniacal and wasteful policies.

Sinecure seeking parasites form the bulk of central and local government employees, augmented massively by all the interfering quangos. Indeed, someone has pointed out that the problem extends to some 6-8 million state employees. If they did anything useful, it could be provided by the private sector, but that would eliminate the control of the political class, especially the politically correct socialist filth, whose mission is to destroy civilisation and degrade humanity. Well, they're succeeding. Those who monitor corruption note that Britain is dropping down the table of international comparisons. This is increasingly a Third World country in every way. Even the invaders note and despise the decadence and immorality into which Britain has, not just fallen, but been pushed, by the evil garbage which has been governing it, and the even more evil intellectual and moral forces which have used them and which has generated the politically correct administrators to implement their rule.

In previous eras important people surrounded themselves with a brilliant entourage of lackeys, lesser lords and men at arms. In our grey Bureaucratic Era, they surround themselves with 'public servants', lesser politicians, advisers and consultants. Spin-doctors replace astrologers.

The whole political-bureaucratic-media-business class is corrupt and self serving. No real news in that, of course. The trick is to institute a form of government whereby politics displays some form of the 'invisible hand' of economics, whereby as Adam Smith pointed out, private selfishness produces public benefits.

Meanwhile we have an Augean stable, but no Heracles to clean it.

Maybe, one should acknowledge that England and Britain are dead, and that the immediate task is for the scavengers to devour the corpse. Later, something new may grow. Something that will wreak vengeance on the vermin now ruling the land. A Lord who will pull down the mighty from their seats, and glut his ravens.

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