Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A group of Ravens

If one is to believe WikiAnswers http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_group_of_ravens_called

the answer is a Congress or Unkindness.

Now that's a thought.
I had associated 'Congress' with sex or politics, or even both together. Vulgar parlance of course, recognises the 'unkind' effect of politicians on the public and the institutions for which they are responsible, in the metaphor that the politicians have had 'sexual congress' with them.

The same source replies to the obvious follow-up question as to what a group of politicians should be called, by conflating it with a group who decides whether to convict someone of a crime - a jury. Hmmm, not quite conventional, although Parliament can function as a court, and is usually too busy passing passing new laws with criminal sanctions to consider the old Taoist wisdom that making laws creates criminals. However, the jury of public opinion has increasing reason to regard their politicians as the real criminals, and treat them with some unkindness.

This blog intends to be unkind to many politicians and their cronies, and revive the old curse, -'May the ravens peck your eyes and tear out your heart!'

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